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    Lucid - Finally Had A Lightsaber Fight! - September 30

    , 09-30-2018 at 07:41 PM (618 Views)
    Sep 30 2018

    (3 dreams, 2 lucids)

    pre-star wars interstate/table in front yard, F's car - why are the keys on a table in the front yard? they can be stolen! have to get her car back, getting angry

    lucid/semi-lucid star wars dream* (badass)

    wbtb (lasted for 3 hours)

    lucid with D and 8, and roach antenae then hopping away like a deer, short, got lucid halfway through

    space station dream getting a delivery, we were running out, boss says forget about the reeses puffs and then they give us twice the delivery (everyone mad "we could have been getting twice this whole time? we didn't even get any reeses puffs") and guards and cutting ribbon lines (dad, w/ gun or broom) and other stuff (transformed into noir music video at end); remember the black slats on the divider vividly, and the floor; like an arcade! vivid, long

    lots of HI and feeling for dream scene, but no successful WILDs
    feeling for a white tennis shoe
    feeling for a white metal corner with slats on it

    *Star Wars dream:
    I'm in the office of 9. My best friend (A) and his previous long-time girlfriend (T) are there. There's also another girl from the previous dream who has orange hair (we'll call her O; I had a feeling she might have been a manifestation of my guide). A has a hooked nose unlike in real life, and he's standing next to the bookcase in the far left corner comforting T. O is sitting in a chair looking at me. It's a persecution-style dream, someone is going to eradicate us. I think I had to kill someone in the office, someone was a traitor. I become lucid but decide that instead of pursuing goals I'll let the dream take me wherever it was intending to go. I have a lightsaber and there was someone else there (my dad or F?) who had one, so I offered the group mine thinking that the other person and I could take them with just one lightsaber. They declined and I decided against it anyway, I would need it. So instead I give them a purplish greenish small box of parts to make their own. The dream shifts and I'm in the front yard in the passenger seat of the van. My sister and F are across the street selling pumpkins (as a disguise/to make it seem normal that we're there and that we have nothing to hide). They need to close up so we can go. In the car with me is O, and my dad and possibly mom are near the car. [I say something to someone.] Sister brings me a pumpkin in F's WL purse, it's ripping, I tell them to stop messing around, there's danger. Eventually the scene transitions and the pumpkin stand disappears, it's darker outside, I can tell Sith are coming. I think I told the van to drive away but I can't remember now.

    I walk to the curb and it's much darker like a storm's coming, dust blows by me dramatically and I see two white Hutts at the very end of the street. I remember now that I had told them in the van not to fire their blasters unless they had to, because if they did the others would know where they were. For this reason I don't draw my lightsaber yet (it's probably about 6 houses until the end of the street so I have some distance to cross). When I reach about halfway I notice three more Sith, they looked like Tuscan raiders. Unexpectedly one of the Hutts charged me! It was much faster than I expected because instead of slithering towards me it floated/levitated towards me at an alarming rate. It also held its red lightsaber in a fully forward way, arms up and forward at the chest. It was very intimidating. It also had force lightning. By this point, I had succumbed to the dream's validity to the point where I was still lucid in awareness, but it was more like an elevated state of consciousness and control of my own actions, not control of the dream. In any case I didn't think to use dream powers but was limited to the constraints of the universe, so because I had a blue lightsaber, I only had force push, and becuase they had red, they also had force lightning. So essentially we would circle around each other while facing each other, him sending lightning at me and me pushing or lightsabering it away. This was very intense and I was still only facing one of them. Once I had sen that the van was gone, I decided to flee as I couldn't face them all. I think I may have killed one of the Tuscan raiders first? I ran to a kid's bicycle and as I boarded it, one of the raiders had come up behind me on a Star Wars bike. I used the force to lift the bike up and start flying. The raider and I get into a contest of side-swiping and I dismount him. I have to pull up because there's a white fence/gate at the end of my street.

    Now the sky had gone from storm-blue with dust in it to full-on apocalypse brown. I was flying past twisted trees and power lines, turning sideways to dodge them. At some point
    the dream faded.

    Most of these dreams came from day residue; the SW part came from listening to an episode of MBMBAM discussing naming a kid Anakin; we recently got a new end table by our front door where we leave our everyday carried items, and it's next to a window with blinds so I recently thought "what if they can see through those?"; the arcade-themed space station was due to seeing a Dave and Busters-themed scene in the show F was watching (I think Once Upon a Time). Anyway the lightsaber fighting was badass, even though it wasn't as conscious as it could have been; but it probably would have been much shorter if I had been fully lucid the whole time, so I'm in part glad that the dream and the threats it posed felt 100% real.

    Interesting note: At the end of the SW dream, I was in an FA with the layout of my room being slightly different and although my eyes were closed, I could see a thin strip of light in front of me (in reality, this would have been to the right of me). I sat recalling my dreams and had a brief visualization/WILD attempt within the FA! Then I woke up. For some reason I wrote in my DJ that it's possible I had the SW dream stemming from visualizations during my FA? Interesting but I don't remember about the FA to say for sure now.

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    1. DarkestDarkness's Avatar
      The Star Wars fighting reminded me of Jedi Knight 2 for some reason; fun game, usually used force grip a lot to throw enemies/players into pits/over cliffs.

      Mostly just curious since I'm not a super avid Star Wars fan, but in the SW universe's lore would something like a lightsaber wielding Hutt be likely/possible? Not something I ever considered.

      Cool lucid anyway.
      ZAD likes this.
    2. RelicWraith's Avatar
      3 hours WBTB? You really worked hard for this LD. And given how exciting this dream looked, I'm sure it was totally worth the effort!
      DarkestDarkness and ZAD like this.
    3. ZAD's Avatar
      Darkest -- Funny you say that, Jedi Knight: Jedi Academy is one of my favorite games (and definitely the best implementation of lightsaber combat I've played). I love pushing or pulling enemies over cliffs, especially in that crystal level I'm not a huge SW fan either but I'm pretty sure a Sith Hutt was entirely the work of my dream state, and Lucas would not approve lol.

      FireFlyMan -- The 3 hours part was entirely coincidental actually! I got up to walk my dog first, then my fiancee called me because she forgot her glasses for work, so I drove there, then I was already out so I went to the store, then I decided to go ahead and put the slow cooker on, and by the time I had finished I was thinking to myself "Shit. Not gonna get lucid after this" lol. I did end up having the weird short lucid with the roach, but the star wars dream happened before, right around my usual weekend alarm type when my mind wakes me up (usually around 4:55 or 5, which is a piss-off because the alarm isn't until 5:30 ;_; ).

      All in all, I can say that lightsaber dreams are totally fucking rad. 10/10 would dream again.
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