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    October 27

    , 10-27-2018 at 05:14 PM (283 Views)
    Frag - stadium
    Frag - HS friends (seth)
    L chain - TAZ:BoB I'm fred/freddie (wrote this down in imaginary DJ along w pictures of windows)
    over the course of 5-8 lds in a chain, i meet group of people in a smallow yellowish office with windows and curtains overlooking an orange/yellow sky, we talked about something serious (a conspiracy, a plot for revolution, a threat facing the world?), then woke. the next time i got lucid i was back but they were all about 50 years older, we talked about similar things and they told me i could join their org, wake. next lucid they're touring me around the facilities, in another i was in a large hallway talking to someone. i think i had a few groundhog day loops of some scenes, but i remember getting lucid every loop. a lot happened but in the end half of the org turned against me and half of them were woth me and we fought in a huge bluish grey sanctuary and eventually i extracted the relic (crystal circle/bracelet in a large wooden box with holes - can't look at it! will go into more detail on this dream later.
    Frag - sex - part of LC?
    L - walking in darkish (dim red sky) city, reach junk pile and start to fly, flying feels very fake , like I'm laying my body outstretched and the scene is just moving past me, so i flip over on my back flying and admire the beautiful view above me - the wooden slats coming apart and the junk in this under-bridge area and some train tracks - this gave me a literal and figurative perspective change - LDing is not always about doing things perfectly or achieving goals, but usually the best dreams, lucid or not, are when something amazing or simple but different is happening and you're a part of it, and it inspires childlike wonder in you
    NL - i drew a pretty good (not amazing but probably better than i can do iwl - for some reason I'm a great artist in dreams) picture of a wizard/sorceress girl and was adjusting the mouth and coloring (f was there possibly?)
    Frag - sneaking suspicion i had a dream about 9 backyard and enjoying the sunlight
    NL - FA in wl 8 room, looking at videos on phone, get up several times in a groundhog day-like loop, look at myself in mirror (my torso looked ripped, but somewhat sagging?), i go downstairs (it's now 9) and consider going out the front door to talk to a dc (was semilucid but not fully there) but decide instead to sunbathe in the backyard, when i reach the kitchen i call out "who's there?" and my dad comes through a door that doesn't exist in his signature windbreaker and we talk for a second, wake up
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    1. DarkestDarkness's Avatar
      It's strange, for all the painting and drawing I do and have done in my life, I have never dreamt of drawing or painting. I have dreamed of paintings, but they weren't mine either. Dream-generated artwork does tend to be pretty good for me too, even if it's not mine.
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