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    Recap of Recent Lucids I Forgot to Post/Count - Mid November

    , 11-26-2018 at 11:55 PM (216 Views)
    As of 11-15: 50 since August.

    11-17 (+1)
    I'm in a huge indoor-outdoor area. It's the size of a football field, and I'm on a mezzanine-like structure. It looks like rock shelf as floor for the mezzanine all around, but also kind of perfect like a shopping mall (hard to describe). The whole area is overgrown with plant life, dirt, and rocks, and there is junk (think American Pickers and/or a garage sale or old barn). It also sort of feels like a hill/cliff I climbed on during my last vacation. I don't know what's below on the "ground floor"--maybe a small body of water/pond? I climb around a corner and see a large twisted black metal wire structure which I understand to be a pulpit. The first 8-10 feet are twisted into a very small spiral staircase, and the rest is twisted into a rectangular pulpit face with a cross shape twisted on top. My cousin climbs up the staircase and pulls himself to the top, looking like he's about to preach. I become lucid and instantly lose eyesight. I sping to clear it up and begin to feel wakefulness pulling at me. I try to remember something I read hear once about "resisting the path to waking" and it works. I keep spinning and yell "lights!" and suddenly my vision comes back. All I can see past my small corner of the mezzanine is a huge sunset-colored mushroom cloud and sky going in all directions. I believe the lucid went on for a bit longer but I didn't write any more down in my DJ.

    11-18 (+1)
    At a wedding, lucid pretty briefly. Had some familiar faces show up.

    11-21 (+3)
    See post "Couple of Lucids - November 21"

    11-22 (+2)
    See post "Some Cool Lucids - November 22"

    11-25 (+4)
    4-lucid-long dream chain. Each time, I would "wake up" in the kitchen of 9 and become lucid almost instantly. Then I would exit out to the back porch and do a couple of things for 1-2 minutes, and then "wake up" into the next one. Things I did:
    Flew to the top of a non-existant tree in the corner of the yard, then ran along an extremely long wooden structure, ninja-style. Again with these crazy disproportionately huge structures.
    Walked outside again, saw my dad and passed him by since I was lucid. Decided to fly again and flew to the top of the tree again, but didn't go the same direction (the tree was in the same place, but the wooden structure wasn't) so instead I flew out towards my neighbors' houses and had a nice windy flight past some real life and dream memories (some of it was the way the neighbors (or previous neighbors) had their houses set up when I was a kid, some was from in-depth past dreams that I had forgotten all about*).
    Walked out onto the porch and tried to spin-teleport to my incubated dream location, even closed my dream-eyes which usually dooms me if the teleport doesn't work, but this time simply nothing happened. I was able to salvage the lucid though, and did some summoning/object manipulation which was fun.
    Had another brief one in which I lost it quite quickly and tried to do counting method to stabilize, but lost.

    As of 11-26: 61 since August. I'm really excited to have gotten this far!

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