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    Boda borg

    by , 07-09-2010 at 01:01 PM (462 Views)
    Me and Fred was going to boda borg with the church for some reason. We weren't really excited about it since we both agreed on that boda borg is quite dull (it is fun irl). Besides, we had already been there earlier not long ago. We discussed if we were going to pay it or if the church would. Fred said that he wasn't going to pay anyhow because it was not worth it.

    The boda borg in the dream was more like a fun house with connected rooms that contained weird stuff. I don't really remember any in particular though. The memory gets fuzzy for a while and then I was in a room. Possibly still in boda borg. Everything suddenly became like an anime. Naruto in particular. There were some bad guys there and one huge boss bad guy who was on a boat in an ocean that was in the room somehow. The good guys (I was one of them) all had different weapons. I had a wooden sword. The purpose of everything was to find the real weapon. Not any of the fakes. The boss had the real one among with fakes. He handed out weapons to the good guys as soon as one of the good ones weapons broke. (lol sense: it makes none)

    I had an idea that I thought seemed epic so I proposed it out loud. That was that all of us should wear traditional japanese samurai clothes. Because it would enhance the feeling or something. xD No one really cared. I

    I accidentally broke my wooden sword by sitting on it, so I went to the boss boat to get a new weapon. I took two boxes from him and I was hoping that one of them was the real one. On my way back in my boat I opened one box and saw a golden sword that flashed with green light effects. I had a convincing feeling that it was the real one! This was even made of jade (golden jade or what? xP)! I was excited about it.

    I remember no more.

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