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    by , 05-17-2019 at 07:18 PM (66 Views)
    Hurrah! 100 lucid dreams!


    My friend mama in cafeteria.


    Strange animal.


    Something about sex.


    Neighbor cut down our tree in dream.

    -Maybe related to the trying to neighbor move out dream. Pretty mad about it.

    Job listing and an old guy.

    Working at a mall food court.

    Dreamed about in a store at border between 2 countries? Friend was working at border. Tried to steal a console.

    -bought the console earlier that day, must have wanted it pretty badly subconsciously


    Did raduga tech left body but stuck on bed.

    Today :

    Fighting a vampire with a friend I think then absorbed his powers. It was near a river by the bridge where we fought the second time where we win. Duration an afternoon.


    #did raduga tech in most dreams after, rolling and focusing on head was most effective. Started from same bedroom scene DEILD. Most lucid, couple of immediate shooting back to bed. Raduga tek followed allowed for DEILD. Some FA.


    Went on trip with family and friends. Lived in an apartment with water park. Took the kids of relatives along to play.

    Free trial entry to residents. But it was just a promotion of a money making scheme.


    Friend S breaks tv in bedroom. Same apartment seems like. Partial lucidity. Uncertain if dream. Friend Y acts as witness of event.


    In bedroom TV still broken. Did it really happen? Explore the place it is a high end condo.

    -maybe related or the same condo where I meditated in ld few days ago.

    Pools and stuff inside in upper level found friends near pool. Going through pool areas.

    Saw reflection of self looked different. Another reflection showed more like myself. Perhaps my bad features more accentuated. Lucid

    -maybe subconscious fear of what I look like and what I fear how I look


    Raduga tech.
    Hallway to right. Explore.

    Food stands. Find some black ppl selling chocolate peanuts snack.

    Ask for sample get sample. Get one for free. Kind of dry overcooked.

    Another stand had great looking fudge, looking very moist smooth and tasty. about to get fudge but wake.

    -did chocolate help make me lucid?


    R tech
    I'm blonde now try to head to food stands again.


    R tech
    Get out of body but get pushed back in.


    R tech
    Im a black guy. Leave room head left hallway. Try to enjoy hanging with homies.


    R tech go to bathroom look in mirror. Asian girl.


    Raduga tech
    Began to write things down in dream.

    Sleeping on right =more dream like
    On back =more ap like

    Focused on reentering more than writing down. Can you gain prefect dream memory over multiple DEILD?

    Peculiar things I did / ate:
    Good Shadow work
    Visualize aloe plant
    Hurt hip
    Had allergic reaction
    Did raduga tek
    2 pc chocolate
    Lemon balm tea
    Dandelion flower omelet (during day)

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