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    100 floors music

    by , 02-23-2020 at 12:30 AM (61 Views)

    Class trip meditate

    I found myself in a sort of glassy building that we came for a class field trip. I'm not sure what the building was but it was pretty bright with all the lights coming through the glass. I just decided to meditate there while other students hanged out on the first floor of the building. I do recall the building was related to something with school.

    -I think the building looked like an art building I visited on a field trip a loong time ago

    Book Joe

    I recall the beginning of the dream started somewhere inside the dungeon like school classroom with barely any sunlight. What was the class about? I think it was science related or biology. Or at least it was near that classroom I think. Eventually I headed to the cafeteria and found Joe the author and business man here. I told him I was a fan and he lead me to the back. I remember trying to write a book now. I found Dan Reed? I'm not sure what his name was but he was asking me questions; they were topics related on how to engage the readers perhaps. The last question he asked was how would you deal with something if you couldn't resolve it? This frustrated got me stuck. I woke. The answer came to me right after I awoke though

    -I recall seeing a picture of Joe earlier in the day and recalled a memory of someone talking about Dan. I think this thought was the source of this dream.

    FA DJ

    False awakening that I DJ'ed


    Math revive + 2 classmate pee water

    Trying to recall it. I was in math class and revived someone? There were 2 classmates of mine that we hanged out and headed out the classroom.

    I think I had to pee so that might have influenced the dream. I went to a basin to wash my hands but the water there was yellow and pee like.

    Eventually we went to some underground workshop or something like looked like a mine. They were part of a secret group or something and my friend Steven was the one who lead me to them. He wanted me to help the group to build them to a even higher state than they are at now. They were bunch of buff rowdy men that made up of the group. So they'd told me their predicament was they were under the scrutity or getting attacked by frieza from the DBZ universe. I headed deeper into the underground base and we began to plan for a way to reutralize the immenent threat. I forgot some parts of it. I remember seeing boxes and canisters of something, not really sure what they contained. But eventually our villan comes and I talked to him. It went along with him somewhere... Im recalling what happend but I helped him out with a trouble he was having and our group was safe though.

    -So the pee was likely because I had an urge to pee, and the dbz related topic might have been from someone talking about it somewhere.

    100 floors music file

    I was in a bedroom in an apartment. My dad was mad about something. It was a nice buildling though. I decided to leave the room and headed for the elevator. I'm not really sure if it could be considered an elevator there but the elevator room was like a large dome the the width of about 10-20 cars. It kept descending one floor at a time, each time there were different DBZ characters that I had to fight. I was frieza at the time and I think it was influenced by the previous dream. Once I got to the first floor, I had some realization. I just immediately became lucid and headed outside. I saw the beautiful bright sunlight that illuminated the city but I awoke.

    I went back to sleep after a bit and I found myself inside the building again but I was using a desktop computer with a large monitor. I found myself using a illustrator or Photoshop like program and I was lucid. I paid closer attention to what else was there and I found some random files on the desktop. There was a file that said voice so I assume it was some audio file so I opened it. I heard a synthesized version of my voice that had a higher pitched and I heard the song. It was like a dance music sorta song and I listened to it for a little longer than a minute then I woke up.

    - the first instance of lucidity in this dream was induced by a feeling that I was practicing on lately. I felt that feeling and that just made me lucid.
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