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    1. Huge pizza

      by , 11-18-2019 at 04:42 AM
      old games
      I dreamt that I was playing some old school Nintendo console in an unknown apartment. There was a lil round kid with glasses from martial arts class way back and Richard there. We played a little some space themed game, but with Dick being the short for Richard he began to act like one. Forget why but he was mad and started shouting. He blared the game sounds to max and it was really hurting my ears as I walked away from the situation. Found a nintendo switch, told him he can't play with it unless he's nice. Silence is good.

      School, Huge pizza, police ceremony, Foot rub, lucid

      The dream began with somewhere inside a school. I was trying to find my class but had trouble doing so. The class was suppose to be on the second floor. I think I missed the class so I headed to my locker. Had trouble finding it for a while but I find some nice people towards the right side of the school. There was a lady who was apparently a sage. She was pretty nice and looked really young- perhaps she had found the secret to eternal youth. I'm sharing the locker with her and the locker number is #201. I open it and there's some food inside. I liked the sage, she had a bubbly personality. Anywho I grab my stuff and head on. I am proceeding to find the next class. It should be on the first floor too.

      *unpleasant memory.

      I keep heading towards the right side of the school. And after a while the scene changes and it becomes some sort of police ceremony. I found my friend from highschool, Hawaii, there. He was apparently getting celebrated among others, and he was getting a huge promotion. In army terms, colonel, not sure what you'd call that in terms of police ranks. Anyways, Hawaii's sitting down on a table and he calls me over. I head towards him and I find his mother there. She's getting really interested in me and calls me over to sit beside her, she being sandwiched between us. Hawaii get's annoyed because he probably wanted to talk to me and he makes her get away for a bit.

      Two others come to the table. Girl to the right had a very nice tan. The one in the front... sprase memory here. Anyways the girl to my right, she begins to make a huge pizza. I thought we were doing some group activity so I begin making the pizza too. Maybe 60 inches in diameter or around 150cm. I was trying to get my pizza as big as hers but it splits in the middle in a straight line. I proceed to try to fix it by patching it up. I tried to sew it shut, and it reminded me of like a stitches scar from a heart operation.

      *dreamt about a huge pizza before, also a lucid dream huge pizza=lucid?


      I went to pee and collected my thoughts. Just laid down and light meditation state?

      I was back on the same table. This time I was lucid though. Still the same. My friend's mom was back to my left. I told her this is a dream but she didn't believe me. (maybe mini awakening here) I talked to her about lucid dreams after but she didn't really understand. Decided to look around and the pizza from earlier was now ready, or atleast some of them were cooked. I sliced it into uneven bits and ate some. nom nom. Thought about what to do in the dream really. Still being lucid. But I thought might as well enjoy this moment. Don't have to worry about pizza being unhealthy and all. I just enjoyed it.

      Maybe lost lucidity around here. I saw some kind of foamy styrofoam like cube. There was hair inside. It was just like a model of a hairstyle. Apparently the latest fad, the cube afro. Saw some ppl with the square afro to the left. The tan girl to the right begins to give me a foot rub. Very comfortable, I was just melting away in pleasure for some moments. Melting down the chair as I fell down from the chair unto the ground and just immersed myself in this ahhhhh yea.

      *maybe heard someone mention minecraft, and it arose a picture of a blockhead and that thought found its way into the dream

      Felt guilty feeling so good by myself so I massaged her foot too. Did so for a bit. But apparently I did it too hard and she didn't want anymore.

      Scene changes to some class. But the table was the same. There was a doctor there. She was an elderly and thin black woman. Very skinny but she looked pretty healthy. I had some TDCS device with me and she gave me some expert advice regarding it. Told me to get some better pads for it or something.

      *Was pretty interested in TDCS a while back


      meditated 3x mini (~5min meditations) when chance arose

      focus on feeling good, mindful of thoughts, focus on point on what you want, focus on sound, focus on breath,

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