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    1. Body, sigil, beauty pageant

      by , 03-23-2019 at 07:27 PM
      4 dreams I think very brief Ld. Have trouble recalling one dream atm

      1. Ld, just having awareness of the body but i knew I was dreaming, felt the changes of the body in regards to the past 3 days. Felt receiving some force. Kind of a light in the body that caused an orgasm.

      Woke up stayed in bed a while trying to fall back asleep, decided to go pee, made notes on DJ, maybe shouldn't have since DJing wakes me usually.

      Had trouble sleeping for a while. I tn may have had a Ld if I didn't record DJ, being at the prefect lding state. Meditated a bit by bedside to help sleep. Did a few mantra.

      2.dream about bunch of people receiving a kind of personal sigil that gave them powers, I think i received like 7. It's like kind of a spiritual training school or something but I'm not certain. One lady tried to give me her sigil cloth but I didn't want it. She became furious and tried to force it on me. Caused a scene and others stopped her. Maybe I should have received it or atleast hear her out.

      3. Still trying to recall. At same scene as dream 2 i think.

      4. The scene was like a square spiraling halls that went inwards clockwise the middle being the stage.

      Dreaming about being in a beauty pageant. Scene similar to d2 but slightly different. Wearing a polkadot bra that's too large outside of the white dress for some reason. Other contestants are trying to sabotage me. So all the contestants had to the cafeteria and get food there(got a pig head with noodles as a prank) . People are making bets as to who's gonna win, much like sports betting on a digital online platform. I felt overwhelmed and lacked confidence in myself. Someone made fun of my attire. So each person took a turn on the stage and performed their talent. I just sang on my turn. Forgot if I won but I did good if I recall.

      Part 2. So the time reverses and replays. I become a liquid based monster with similar appearance as previous that clings by the ceiling as I progress the scene. Getting closer to the stage. Forget what I did x)

      So yeah, actually might be 5 dreams haha. Will add more notes if i recall.

      I felt a little desponent that I didn't have a long Ld. Didn't feel like writing down DJ but wrote it anyways.

      Did shadow work yesterday that went pretty well on clearing doubts regarding a new mild mantra. This one may be a keeper. It's silly but really excites me. I visualized receiving the power for constant Ld, perhaps my subconscious tried to give it in d2... I'll try it again tonight and definitely receive it this time

      "super omnilucid-dreamerrrr"