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    1. Spy manuscript, chew well

      by , 04-30-2019 at 03:51 AM
      Lacking rem again, likely sign of good meditation and grc.

      Lacking rem for big chunk of sleep. Listened to hemisync to relax then try to sleep once more.


      I am a student of sort in the beginning of the dream. Eventually I'm at a hospital/lab that I think is a research center.

      I'm a spy, and I'm trying to recover some secret files from this place. I'm sitting in front of a computer with a very large screen, maybe 30 inches size or something. I think it's located in France. I'm stopped by a girl and she brings me somewhere. I faint? I end up in a hospital room and the girl was there with her twin. They were controlled by bad people and were trying seduce me to foil my spying mission or something.


      I go back to sleep. I'm at the room with the computer once again. I find the girl there and I recall the details from previously. I think I'm lucid? I wanted to re-do it properly. I understood that she was forced to play this role and I just directed loving feeling towards her. Trying to send some kind of telepathic message to undo her brainwashing. I think it got through and she understood me.


      -Being like a spy thing was related to an audiobook I was listening to "Celestial Prophecy". It was about a guy who went to a foreign country to discover a manuscript containing great secrets.

      Mini AP

      I was back on bed. Just laid there a little. Felt some feeling but did not expect much. My sensation of touch was separated from the body. Didn't have vision. Just left the body and walked a few steps. Perhaps had a little bit of worry that it wasn't going to last and it



      I tried sending gratitude to the food. I chewed it very thoroughly unlike before as it was described in the book. Fully aware and immersed in the process of eating. When I chewed the piece of pork... Tears began to drop. I Felt the life force of the animal... I was just so grateful. Thank you. I chewed the beans, its texture and complex flavors that melted in my mouth that representing all the minerals within. Thank you. The vegetables bursting with juices and vitamins thank you... I ate less, yet I have never been so full. Thank you for your life. Is this awareness or mindfulness? I'm... changing... being transformed?

      Just be
      Always lucid in every dream.
    2. cyclops, barbecue

      by , 04-29-2019 at 03:23 AM
      I feel like I'm lacking some rem. Perhaps due to intense grc and meditation. Probably a good thing, had this feeling when I was having pretty much daily LD. Listened to Monroe tape again, pretty cool for relaxing and things saw some visions. Almost ld I think but need a little bit of "touch" sensation.

      Hell to Heaven

      I was listening to the monroe tape and after I bit I began to see and feel freaky stuff. I saw a spiderwoman or what you'd call an arachnid in front of me just exposing its hole I think that were used to weave webs. I'm looking around and it's pretty dark and things are fleshy but dark. Is this one version of what people considers hell? I pondered for a moment and realized and remembered that heaven and hell are one and same; They were both the thought responsive environment that would grant all of your immediate thoughts and I began to direct my thoughts. I tried imagining an angel and saw a being with some feathery wings but it went back to the previous scene.

      -I believe I thought about spiders in bedrom or something that might've contribute to the initial scene.

      I am trying to visualize something more serene, and I began seeing clouds,, but the whole sky was filled with grey clouds. The clouds were intenstine shaped and not a trace of the sky could be found. I willed the sky to be clear and slowly lights began to part the clouds. Starting from the middle the clouds began to dissolve and You could see the magnificent warm yellow light leaking through and giving way to the peaceful baby-blue sky. It began to become pretty realistic but ended here.

      -heart felt very clear afterwards

      Cyclops Barbecue

      I was listening to the thing again.

      I found myself in a forest all alone. Nobody else was there. I decided to summon 6 of my strongest and most loyal warriors to the spot. I created a blueish wormhole and they emerged out of it. We immediately engage some enemy. I forget whether it was a beast or bandits but I stopped it with my index finger and flicked them out of the picture. After the engagement I told my party I wanted to find my body. We began searching for my body and I saw the vision of the side of a rocky mountain. Brown-yellowish boulder mountain, likely high in phosphorous or sulfur, I'm not a rock specialist though! We fly towards my body.

      It was covered in a large crystalline thing or ice. About 10 feet tall and a little less wide. Wasn't sure what to do but I decided to touch the crystal and I end up back into the body inside the crystal. I break free and I'm free! Feels so good and wonderful. We decided to go explore another world. I summon a portal once again and we head inside.

      It was another foresty area, a little more jurassic like with giant animals. Wasn't sure what to do, I unconsciously summoned gotenks from the DBZ universe through the portal. I tell him we're trying to hunt something so we can hold a BBQ. He agrees to help us and quickly comes back with a dino beast! We begin cooking some of the meat and I give it to the now separated gotenks. They have to go back to their world now so they take some BBQ and leave through the portal. I wanted to make a hot plate for the meat and I grow a boulder out of the ground and slice a slab out of it. We fire up the slab and put a thin slice of the meat on top.

      The dino meat had the texture of chicken, however its scent, richness and taste was more akin to that of pork. Delicious, light and tender yet wholesome. We enjoy BBQing for a bit and I wanted to summon others from my palace. Might be too dangerous to summon everyone here though. I decided to create a boulder once again.

      The color was similar to the the mountian from the previous scene, brown-yellow ish and I grew it out of the ground. It rose and grew wider until it was somewhat conical in shape and almost like a tower. Its top was rounded though and I sliced it cleanly with my magic like a laser to create a even ground for everyone to stand on, with a little wall on the outer rim of the circle so no one would fall off, now it looked even more like a tower. I morph the interior structure into a crude dungeon like rooms and stairs. Nothing too fancy. Fly to the top of the tower and I summon a portal. Now everyone was here. Gramps, my bulter begin to toot my horns about how magnificent my creation was; although it was more like a dungeon than a place where people could stay he was pretty impressed. I tell him it's not that amazing that it's not furnished or anything. He immediately calls the maids to furnish the interior of my tower. Done in just a few moments... amazing! Well it was habitable now.

      I decide to resume the BBQ party and this time we have drinks and stuff too. Everyone's enjoying themselves here. I get a little bored and decide toe explore. I fly down the tower at the north west or just top left side casually only bringing 1 of them with me, but 4 more comes along after they noticed me leaving. Let's explore this forest a little. We keep heading down the path and I feel something ominous. My senses don't betray me and a massive cyclops, size of about twice the street lights and its eye was width of a human! It roars and engages right in front of us. I take a step back but I am grabbed by a pair of massive hands the size of my body grasping clasping me. It was another cyclops! I immediately think "freeze" and the one that caught me ws frozen. Then "freeze" and frozen was the one in front. They were both now frozen in place, no ice or anything just frozen dry.

      -the cyclops had no hair. It had a single cone shaped horn that grew from the top of its head and blue skin.

      Jade was intrigued by this unique creature and wanted to conduct experiments on them. But I told her to be kind. We had a creed where we'd never cause unnecessary suffering. So she drew her katana sword out of the sheath and sliced the one behind me vertically and perfectly into half. Its insides were very frozen and each of the sliced half showed perfect details of its insides. She decided to kill it out of mercy. Asked me if she could have it... sure it's a present then... she was pretty ecstatic about it. I decide to leave the one in front to let it thaw out by itself to not influence the eco system of the surrounding too much and just left it there. We head back to the top of the tower.

      I decide to go somewhere else to set up a base since this place seemed kind of dangerous so I open up a portal and enter it. I end up being in a room and behind me was a miniature planet, likely the world I was in previously. It was like a giant child's room with toys that contained worlds within. I wanted to go somewhere else though so I created a blackhole to create a tear in space. A new universe. I head inside and and find myself in blackness in the space of a different universe. I wanted a nice beach. Closed my eyes and appears there after a bit. I summon the others through the portal and we spend some fun times on the beach.

      -was very fun!
      - I think the ice and frozen could be related to how it snowed a little in the morning

      FF 6 Mermaid

      I was in a game world I think it was final fantasy. I summon a mermaid and we just hang around for a while but I feel the dream ending. I or it wanted to stay longer but the dream ends.
      -maybe mermaid related to the beach scene from before, or maybe its related to tale of lil mermaid
      -game is just memory of the game, haven't played it in a long time though

      Vat Van

      I'm hanging out with folks from the vat19. We are going around town on a special bus and just cruising. Eventually they and my dad get into an argument that lasts for hours.
      -watched vat19 video recently
      -had an epiphany about growth as a person at the end of dream


      Reduced rem from really hard GRC, forgot to grc while typing, improve!

      Didn't feel much resistance during MILD, tried shadow work and worked on the tiny doubt

      Hemi sync tapes are pretty cool, would likely work well for AP or WILD

      Perhaps I could have engaged the sense of touch more, maybe rub hands

      Oh yeah it snowed.. NO MORE SNOW NOW! SUMMER IS COMING NOW!

      Always lucid in every dream!

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    3. Last couple days

      by , 04-28-2019 at 11:59 AM
      Just dreams of last few days. was in a slump

      First day.

      Being sucked into an environment.
      -like being involved

      Setting different hands all shaped slightly different.
      -maybe memory of hand rc from months ago

      Going uphill in the previous Japanese road after me and classmates leave the school. I recommend them to take a specific route left is the road while right is grassy. It had those carnivorous plants in super Mario and it spat rocks at us. Some people take the grassy side don't think they'll make it.

      -the road was tough. It was forestry to the right and left Das boring road. There were some wild berries we ate. Orange and red raspberry or something very delicious. Maybe that became the Mario plants. Perhaps it's from memory of getting injured by a sharp plant as a kid.

      I'm at a Walmart shopping with some girls. There's a bedroom and shower at Walmart so I stay over there. We wanted to steal some stuff. There's security though.

      -maybe memory of being accused of shoplifting at Walmart. Had to stay there for hours until they found video footage of me actually buying stuff.

      We are in a desert like place and find a tavern. There's a spoiled child giving us hard time. I reprimand him and his dad gets violent.
      -memory of some kids violent dad

      Second (maybe third just wrong date or maybe this was first just polyphased with low dream)

      Playing wc3. Playing d2 with moon.

      Third frat-cult

      I'm at a frat party at kit townhouse. There are pair of girls one looks like young Britney spears. Anyways I get close to one of them. Im looking for the bathroom. My friend wants us to go to a bar or something didn't have id so I borrow from someone there. We leave on a van.

      I'm sitting in the middle part of the van. There's a bunch of little kids at the back. One girl is pretty into occult or supernatural stuff and we talk about Ld. I tell her I wanted to be lucid in every dream. She is not interested. So I talk to the guy to my right. We talk and I try to jot down notes about Ld on my DJ.

      We arrive at the destination. It's another frat party. Just hanging out. The place turns out to be a cult and I'm apparently the leader. The police raids us and I'm sure of who was the rat. It was the blond kid from the other party. I read minds and told others. He was an android mostly machine parts. Some members try to retaliate and bomb power stations.
      -memory of borrowing id
      -incubated desire or Ld and DJ even in dream lol
      -android is likely the phone I used as a sleep tracker,
      -gna be a cult leader or something hah

      Blue orange salt

      I was with my mom and we went to pick up my dad at airport.
      -literally memory from years back

      I'm at school. We are going to on a school trip but end up at hospital. I derail from the tour and walk to the path to the left. The hospital was more Asian style. I find a case of blue and orange salt. It's pretty special or something.
      -probably related to himalayan salt

      I am at a supermarket. Apparently I'm balling so I buy a durian for everyone there to eat. Pretty delicious. When I went to pay at the counter my wallet was empty!
      -durian is awesome

      I was walking down a narrow sidewalk down north on the right side. I find a couple of dogs in a dog contest. Two jumps right at me fast. One gets a bit of my ear. I get away.
      -maybe bad memory of dogs.


      Don't remember the earlier part. Maybe connected to a desert from a dream long ago. End up in a classroom. To my right the seat is empty had things I wanted. The seat behind me is also empty I think they were all my stuff! There were fish oil pills I took them.
      -maybe dream telling me to take fish oil

      Was in electronic store. They had an event and reserved the place for only students. Had a sale on some new fancy console which was a mix of Xbox and the switch. $300. Everyone was nuts over it. I wasn't that interested though. I went towards the back and find the music section. A mom and son running the mini spot. Handmade instruments. Pretty cool. I try out this uke, bottom strings not playing well. So she had of to do other work. Her son shows me his creation. It was a ukulele guitar that swirled in shape like @. Did not play well either.
      -about Nintendo switch
      -my love of ukuleles. Wanting a good handmade solid wood

      I'm singing in class. I think i get embarrassed and fly away out the window!
      -memory of embarrassment

      I'm in a student housing. Trying very hard to get lucid dreams. I meet a doctor and a student at a library recommending me tdcs machine to zap me to lucidity for $500. Didn't want it. Leave them. End up using it though and get a heart attack at the elevator lasting a minute. I'm trying to get away from people.

      I end up at a cottage house like peace and stuff about x. Then find my friend Alison.
      -read about tdcs on forum I think

      +Tried Monroe tape,
      Saw hand and feet lucid vision but no cigar I think.

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    4. AP Spinning dive, meditation, chinese garden

      by , 04-24-2019 at 04:20 AM
      5-6 AP.i slept in 90 min intervals. 1,3,4th were naturally 90min, I was worried I might oversleep on 2nd cycle so I did set an alarm for it. Overall 90 minutes were natural to me. I watched some Japanese videos regarding LD, since the japanese term for it randomly came up, it was a sign. I watched several videos and LD is not very popular in japan. However there were some naturals who didn't follow the conventional techniques and I got some cool perspectives regarding it.I also held a rubix cube as I went to sleep. Slept diagonally without pillow on 3rd sleep. I also read RR novels from different genre than usual to get more visualization training.

      So there were 5-6 ap in on the 4th sleep cycle.

      1. I felt the "feeling", had some vibrations, I focused on it but had doubt whether it would work. Failed likely due to belief. Went back to sleep.

      -need confidence

      2. Felt it again, this time I visualized with eyes closed. I had memory for one of the japanese LD video I saw.

      It was a scary one where a guy got followed around by a ghost girl like the one from the ring. He exited his dream but kept having FA with her following him. I had the memory of that in the back of my mind.

      I had some fear and it intensified as I focused on the vibrations. It's the fear of sleep paralysis feeling. But I know I could overcome it. I had DETERMINATION. I told myself I was EXCITED, that I only had to leave the room for a cool experience. So I was up and about, saw the blurred vision of the bedroom. Rubbed hands to stabilize. I tried to jump through the window behind me that was beside the bed. I failed (this part might seperate into 2 AP)

      I tried again, I was repelled the first time but I knew I had to really want it. I stopped caring whether I would break the non-physical glass. I went with all my might and I broke through.

      I was out in the backyard. It was like the usual backyard. But it was snowing. It was somewhat warm though. I rubbed hands to stablize. I began to recall an action I wanted to incubate prior to sleep. I wanted to meditate in my dream again.

      I quickly entered the meditative state and sat down. It was very serene. Time began to slow down. Each petal of snowflakes gently floated down ever so slowly. Time was dilated. It was beautiful. I decided to stand up maybe explore. I just watched the slowness of my surroundings and just being in awe.

      -Determination won out. Meditation is still awesome.

      3.I was back on bed, I thought it was over but I had felt something. A feeling I could do more. I stayed still. Soon I was back in. I juump through the window behind me again. I was diving in forward with a spiraling motion clockwise to give it an extra oomph to break through the window. I broke through.

      It was a breathtaking serene garden. The air was gentle and moist, clean. There were water running in mini stone waterways/canals about 1m tall, perhaps 1ft wide, that ran through the whole place. throughout the garden that gave it that dampness in the air. The stones were grey/black from age and the wetness likely making fungi grow. I could sense the stones were shadow of brilliant bright white shine that would have lit the whole garden alight upon initial construction. The dimness of what was left now was peaceful in its own way however. It also had small square stone ponds that had loctus. With plenty but not a overbearing amount of lush greens that gave it a pleasant scent. It was like a garden of the emperor in the dynasty days. It was pleasant.

      I looked to the right and I saw a middle aged, maybe 50-60 years old asian woman, with black hair pumpy face. We exchanged a few glances. I walked past her afer a bit. I walked past her and saw 2 old Chinese men there.

      Could just be influenced by movies.

      4.I was back in bed. This time I decide to head through the bedroom door that was to the front and to the right. I Acted immediately. I went through the door and through the hallway towards the doro to the back. After I went through I was back into the garden from the previous dream.

      To my right near where the old woman was before, I saw a little child that perhaps reminded me of me. I gently pinch the child's cheeks, they were too marshmallowy ok!

      I walked towards to the right as I did previously and I just decided to meditate. I closed my eyes. But I could still see through my eyelids. A little more blurry than before though. I saw I think an old man and two young women, that looked very wise and and beautiful respectively. I decided that I could maintain my meditative state and do walking meditation as I approached them. As I am approaching them, I rub my hands against each other then touch the stone waterway to immerse my senses there. I keep approaching them. They were expecting me.


      5. I am back in bed. I hear my parents argueing. I realize the sounds were not real. They keep argueing though. There is a happy tune playingi n the background, spongebob-esque cheerfulness. I try to jump through the window to the left side but I fail.

      6. I am back on bed again. Still hearing bit of arguments. Not interested. I aim to jump through the same window. Spinning-dive. I did it! But as I break through the scattering shards of glass, the argument also reaches its climax. My mother yells "I'm leaving!" I think this unstablizes my emotions and awakens me finally. The happy tunes were strong and clearer than before though!

      -In the back of my head I also wanted to wake, to write it all down, could be the primary cause of things ending here

      -perhaps this was a repressed childhood memory or something

      few failed LD after this


      Meditation in dream is awesome

      90 minute sleep cycles are very good for me.

      I think I'm lacking rem, will probably rebound with more dreams tomorrow.

      I had the tingling on my third eye wake me during the xx last few failed ones. I just awoke before i could do much each time. I think the best thing to do during these times is to
      that worked before and gave me long LDs.

      New MILD mantra.

      Holding rubicks cube in hand

      Practice 3rd person, visualization, reflection, act out

      +Next time I will conquer the inception dreams.

      Master the "feeling" induce it whenever.

      90 (+alarm afraid of ovesleeping)
      90+(connected to next, awake short, 2 min?) 2:20(total)

      Always know that I'm dreaming.

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    5. Grandma pirates

      by , 04-23-2019 at 12:42 PM
      Recall was not the best, was tired.

      About things somehow all working out.

      Incubated by a thought the night before.

      driving a car with kids, going somewhere. Likely downtown t.

      I haven't gone there in a long time. Likely connected to previous dream.

      Dreamed about game wc3 at first. Eventually encountered pirates along a hall. Engage them.

      Incubated from: playing game, had too much time from polyphasic. Pirate likely by the icon of a dv member after replying to post before sleep.

      I tried to record my DJ really hard in the dream. Was in dream bed. Exhausted. I did manage to write it. I think I was in the old house #34. I went to basement looking for something. I found my grandmother who is deceased. Just hang with her a while. There's a doorbell and I'm expecting a package from Amazon the mailman hands me the package.

      Incubated by :
      I think my grandma died while I lived in that house.
      Trying to record DJ hard... I think i can put the energy to better use. Perhaps to rc, or aware/mindful would be definitely lucid.
      Amazon, ordered something from Amazon. Also wanted to buy something. Was a little disappointed when I realized I didn't order anything to get delivered lol.


      Incubation period almost instant still. What would be the best thing to incubate for Ld?

      Master that "feeling"
    6. Polyphasic

      by , 04-22-2019 at 02:40 AM
      I decided to go polyphasic. I'm keeping up my practices with all due diligence.

      My sleep was naturally leaning towards polyphasic lately and the harder I tried to resist the more it swayed apart. I had signs? To go polyphasic.

      Only had 1-2 dream due to reduced sleep time. Rem should come faster and sleep should become better, with more lucidity.

      First sleep i had was around 11-1? Had a tiny dream. Second sleep I tried to take a 90 min nap, however was awake. Or perhaps aware but body asleep in sws. I meditated before that nap and i did feel rested after 70 minutes. Just was conscious 99% of time. Likely lucid if it was rem. Second nap Das 20 min, did not sleep. But by the third one 20mim I did some hard work and I was exhausted. Slept quite well, however perhaps could have slept more.

      If the polyphasic succeeds that's cool. And even if i fail it'll correct the sleep pattern like before.

      I was on a computer. It was an all in one sort of pc. Google was collecting personal data from everyone and this time it wasn't anonymous data. You had to opt out of it manually. I was doing that and after I finished, the computer was really hard to use. The background was in black while the font was in tiny dark blue. Neigh impossible to read.

      +perhaps dream related to a random YouTube video I watched regarding history of hacking Nintendo console etc
      End dream

      I need a new productive or inspiring (also fun ) hobby with the extra time. I recall last time I gave up on uberman because I had too much time. I will sleep more than uberman this time though. Well it'll all work out. I'll do what's best for me.

      I'm awake in my dreams.

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    7. omni zombie sony

      by , 04-21-2019 at 02:35 AM
      The first dream consisted of me researching omnilucidity. It was pretty much mostly me reading/writing my DJ or some LD articles and such. lol

      End dream

      Mom somehow became the president of USA. We were under attack by zombies and a bunch of people (about 40) were all staying under a fortified small place. It had some lockers and whatnot and it was generally safe. I guess it just looked like a gym locker room. I had some books in my locker. But people left or were forced to leave one by one because they weren't patient enough and this kept going for a while until there were about 4 of us left.

      We were now under attack by a fat middle aged man zombie. I was looking for a weapon and I told the girl beside me that shovels were awesome. So we grab some shovels from one of the lockers and I shove the shovel against the zombie. He's pretty powerful and and stuff even while looking pretty unfit. He had some skills, parrying my attacks with his shovel. After the fight I my mom is missing. 3 of us left.

      This dream lasted an afternoon or a day.

      End dream

      Sony the company, is getting back to its feet and buying back its company shares and getting back some company land or something from another competitor company, I think it was konami or namco or something, but not nintendo.

      The thing that we got back was like a lake or a river or something. It had one of those old fashioned boat trip things where you would be served delicious food and wine, etc while boating along the river with its views.

      I am tagging along a shareholder or one of the founders of the company into that competitor's highrise as we are looking to meet with the CEO. We are waiting at an office or maybe it was the secretary. The secretary... I believe was an older woman in 50's with grey hair and she was chubby. We got through her and went into the conference. They were brainstorming an idea for a new product or something in the board room. Meanwhile we just casually stroll through and just give them some bentos - lunchboxes that we had in hand and just begin just hanging out with them, while waiting for the CEO.

      Replay scene. The above scene replays once, everything is slightly different. But overall the same plot and things. This time we are heading into the CEO's office and have a meeting with him. We meet up and have some food and whatnot. Just casually chatting along and things. We decided to leave and say our goodbyes.

      Heading down via the escalators now. Many floors down. I think I accidentally ate a chicken butt or something that had a very strong turmeric taste that made me

      Lasted 2 afternoons I guess



      Well, dreams scenarios were painted by what I did during the wake period in between sleep I think.
      -incubation period short as always

      I'm getting dream of myself trying to be omnilucid.... lol. I guess it needs to be modified a little. Need to just BE OMNILUCID.

      I have no idea what the zombie movie came from. Perhaps its one of those zombie films I watched when I was 4 or something. I recall I had a scary zombie nightmare when I was around 6 that was super vivid. Where my relatives, friends, all became zombies and were chasing me down. I was protecting a candle from them I think.

      I'm tempted to try polyphasic sleep again. But should I? I know that uberman is a guarantees lucid dreams... It works from my experience. But it's just way too much time. Is there something better?
      Show me the path to-

    8. Super AI Milk

      by , 04-20-2019 at 01:00 AM
      I was heading down the long pathway down the large hill. It was a path I took as a child attending a certain elementry school while in Japan. The path was about 8 km. I was heading down this path with myself and two other kids. The two kids were the grandchildren of some music and artists people. We headed towards the school.

      After getting there I was in a classroom. I think I had trouble writing out the character specified by a teacher. It was the character for "east." MA. The teacher was talking down on me. I reprimand the teacher, telling him how they'd have similar trouble if they were to learn english.

      Anyways I have makeup on or something. It's way too much and orange/yellow themed. It's too drying and a DC tells me that it's bad for your skin. Also told by DC to moisturize.

      -likely memories of the pathways
      maybe dream telling me to moisturize

      I am doing a team sports. Kind of like soccer. I am a talented young boy who is playing that sport. But I do not show my true abilities since there is someone who is suppose to be the ace to I try to make them shine instead. We lose though. There is a hulky stud on the team I'm suppose to be in love with. He is mad that I am being emotional and not analytical in the sport. We play a couple more matches. Loses.

      MA transition

      So me and the guy we are trying to get away or something. It's like everyone else is an enemy. Everyone is trying to rid of eachother of sorts. I forget what exactly but we could absorb talents or knowledge with something. So we do.

      I am transferred into the body of a cat and we escape from the mob.We are going through long pathways that's kind of like the 2nd floor of a small. We absorb stuff from stores and whatnot. Eventually Does it become 3rd person? Strange stuff were absorbed and the MCs become like zombies. Just wanting to eat icecream. After eating icecream, they'd get a brain freeze, then eat icecream again,, then freeze... etc

      -memory of like a mall, perhaps team activities, sports, gaming team.


      Trouble recalling. About a man who creates clay children. Children made of clay.


      I am in a scientific lab. It's a large lab that could fit a hundred researchers and I'm one of the scientists there or something. The team leader is trying to figure out a way to improve the lab, to take it to the next level. He orders a super power supply thing that would power up an AI or Super computer that can take usto the next level. However there is trouble running it. Itt would take the power of the whole city or something to make it run.

      So I head out, going around the research building looking for a way to improve the situation with couple of others from the team. We do this for a while and look around rooms that kind of look like rooms from school.

      One friend, Alison, wants to buy some used supplys, equipments tools and etc... To move and use. I agree to help her and I want one of the equipments too, I think it'lll help our lab. So we begin moving the equipments.

      We move the equipments 3 times since the dream replays the scene 3 times. Perhaps we failed couple of times. But on one of the times, there was a evil fat and ugly blond guy. I just tell Alison he stole something from her and she kicks his butt. Lol. Sweet.

      But anyways we are still moving the equpment. What I'm moving is a somewhat antiquated electrical system or old computer that is about the size of a large bookshelf. We are moving the stuff through the building and putting them into different rooms throughout to each person who wanted them and eventually I get back to my lab.

      I'm moving the thing back to my staion and I see something marvellous. Large piping that could withstand the power supply going up into the supercomputer. Did it finally manage to solve the problem? It did. The super AI created a sort of milk, it had created it from stuff it had on hand and said it's the solution. No one dared to drink it though.

      So I went ahead and drank it. It tasted like milk, at first. But eventually it began tasting very metallic and battery like. It had an electrical tingle that numbed my tongue. It was so cool.

      DV Members as Animals-document-20-apr-2019-03_10_3.jpg

      After drinking the milk I transformed! I was magical. Lol. Maybe was researched.

      -memories of rooms in school, some people,
      -magical milk!

      Last couple of days I had some feeling of something big coming. A big change.

      I am noticing I am becoming more verbal in my dreams.

      I partook magical milk of omnilucidity! I am now magical!

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    9. Buddhist temple AP

      by , 04-19-2019 at 05:49 AM
      Training in Buddhist temple x2

      I was attending the buddhist temple to train to be a monk. I've given up on my worldly materials and whatnot and changed into the monk robe. I washeading into the depths of the temple and there was a large pillar or something that I had to climb and I did. But I was stuck in the high altitude and no one would help me! I was furious and I wnted to quit begin a monk.

      I was heading back to the reception office to find my clothes and money. I began getting tense once I wore my regular clothes though. I was looking for my $20k, they took it! I'm asking them for my money but eventually my mom and a few acquaintances show up. THey tell me that I've changed and that there's an aura or something around me. I head into 3rd person POV and see that this indeed was true.

      I had a halo of warm comforting light that surrounded my head, body and etc. So maybe it's not all BS. I take off the clothing I had and go back with only the robe. Tensions gone. I realized that I felt better.

      WTF? This is dejavu. Years and years ago.

      I am heading into the bathroom, change room area. That sort of look like the changerooms of gyms. I'm going there because there was a nun/main kind of lady who was trying to guide me. So I was following her to the area to change. I find another monk, he was a stout guy, darker skin. He also had a nun following him. He tells me to follow him so I did. We head outside and towards a river or lake. There are couple of small tones that are floating down the way. He tells me to follow him and swiftly he hops onto the stones and to the other side. I copy him and do it even better! He is impressed. We go through a series of rivers like this for my training.

      Wake/Change scene

      This time I'm or 3rd person MC, is a fat monk. Pretty round and the abdominal blob had blob on top. Been slacking on the training for the past 2 years and hadn't taken things seriously. As I/he head back towards the changeroom there ia a commotion going on an two boys are afflicted with something sinister. They were afflicted with sort of sexual deviancy parasite. Infact they were not kids, they were in their twenties but the parasite had affected them and made them not grow. So I/he pull out the parasites with the chi or something and they come out of the nose or ears. Huzzah!.

      -perhaps facing my fear or heights in dream, glowed after.


      Failed ap heard kids playing likely in dream.

      I was having the sensation of beginning of an AP. I was focusing on the vibrations as it began getting stronger and I focused on it. Perahps ther was a little doubt in my heart of I was unsettled. But I began to hear children playing outside and was a little distracted or irritated and took me off my concentration. I failed the AP

      However there were no children. It was likely the sound of AP/Dream. Perhaps I've already succeeded and the frustration feeling had caused a frustration.

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    10. Make me better

      by , 04-18-2019 at 03:12 AM
      3-4nld.I was so despondent. So dejected, so discouraged, disheartened, despaired. I thought I didn't get any lucidity 2 days in a row. Well turns out it was only 1 day. But still I felt like giving up. I know I'm getting better, but I wish it was easier and simpler.

      Why can't it be more straightforward. If I needed to do tree pose for an hr straight everyday for lucidity I will do that. If I had to do a thousand jumping jacks then well ill do that too. But what am I suppose to do? I just want it to be easy! I just want it to be easy...

      But I do know the mistakes I made last night. I browsed on the phone too much. I was browsing for a reusable notepad to write down DJ in also himalayan pink salt. Although I meditated quite a bit, I was also exhausted and I probably didn't have the mental clarity in the dream.

      I don't know! I wish I could more easily gauge my progress. I just want to know that my efforts are not in vain. I just want to know that I'm doing it right.

      I just wish my dream will light the path for me... Yeah I know, lay still, I'm getting there but. I just want to know what to do, what to focus on...

      Do I do grc all day? If that will work I can do that.

      Do I focus on MILD and shadow work throughout that? I can do that.

      Do I visualize or incubate the dream I want? I can do that.

      But i just want to know... What to focus on...

      Someone or something guide me... I'm crying for help.

      Light the way, show me a sign
      Dry my tears face my fears
      Left or right ill make it alright
      As long as I got the goal in sight

      The despair in my heart dances wickedly
      Yet I will conquer it definitely
      Left but only clarity
      Practice always sincerely

      Just when... Right when I was about to give up...

      Magic happened because I kept going.

      Make me better than ever before.

      Yay! Now super-omnilucidity!

      Always super-omnilucid dreamer


      Dream about a dragon and something FA into another dream.


      Dream about a crime scene investigated by the police. I'm being unfairly accused, speak up get on with my way. I find the culprit on the top floor of the building. Looks like the tall square library. He's staying in this building and is like a hotel. He had some weapons and drugs laying around. I grab a missile launcher and launch it at him. And I leave the building.

      I'm waking by the river or lake, as I walk away from the building. There is a zombie, kind of an immortal thing thats just hard to kill. I had some drugs from the building and therew it. the zombie just entertained itself endlessly with it. I get away and something about the mafia happens.


      I dream that I'm at a kind gaming tournament. The rooms are like a bowling ball alley without the bowling stuff. I find myself taking care of baby moon. People are targeting the baby and I am running away with the baby. I must keep him alive!


      Always easily omnilucid

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    11. Few fun gamey dreams, good shadowwork

      by , 04-17-2019 at 04:44 AM
      pretty fun dreams. Likely many trace memories of long ago. Some recent. Caused likely by ngf. 4-5 days or afternoon? Rem rebound perhaps. Did good shadow work. Time to level up.

      Making snowman


      At a computer lab. I'm playing wc3 tournament or something. There are the big Chinese pros and my hot keys stop working. Call the guys over to fix.

      D lu
      Zombies in subways fighting them off. Meet a nice little girl she might be important part of subconscious feel close to her. I am lucid. I embrace her. There is a guy he approaches us. Get a little excited, worried about waking.

      The little girl might be part of me.

      Wake into FA. In subway waiting or on train. I'm a mess, false dream memory that I fell asleep here. Guy across tells me I got something on my face. Wipes.

      I meet some cool guy we hang around for an afternoon. We meet young king of a desert country. We hangout and I try to make him some sausages. He loves it but I think it can get better. Tells him to come back again nex time ill make better sausage.

      Fear of waking put me in FA. Just relax.


      I'm a character from a game, d2. I had modded items and they were bugged after patch.
      Something about scary plants that grew in desert, had to fight against them.

      Could be homeland of the king from last Dream. Memory of games long ago.

      I am traveling with my mom in car. It's downtown and the traffic is bad. I think about using a portal and how that would be much faster.

      Maybe just memories of how bad traffic is in downtown areas.

      Back to plot about desert plants i guess. I find a shrine, meet a light goddess(or spirit) of sorts. Who is granting me blessings.

      I go around to defeat orcs and other corrupted creatures.

      I discover a dungeon or hidden entrance. It is a shrine of a dark goddess. I suppose Sister of the other one. She gives me dark power. Realizes I have the other blessing and is ok with working together despite differences.

      I go to the light goddess and she is furious. Crimson with anger that I'm working with the dark. Dark one was nicer.


      Light and dark. Yin and yang. I wanted to learn about yin Yang fusion so could be incubated.

      Perhaps feelings about people who preach goodness without the actions


      Relax. I guess I didn't wake. But

      Try to be more aware just as awake. FA was too realistic visually though.

      Shadow work was super today. Expecting super results.


      Trying meditating sitting on bed.

      Always do shadow work.

      Always omnilucid!
    12. Just keep going

      by , 04-16-2019 at 04:28 AM
      Had 3 nightmares no Ld. Few hypnogigic that almost were dream or Ld but missed

      Ate too much at wbtb, may have affected dreaming.

      Maybe from trying to learn new skill, not giving 100% to practice. Weather was bad, couldn't go outside.

      Maybe affected by slight change in mantra. Will do both versions.

      Need to do more shadow work, I felt very small doubt last night that grew today.

      Grc, shadow work, mild, visualization.

      I felt very frustrated. Decided to persist though since it always bounce back with the best results.

      Keep going!

      Be Always omnilucid!

      Dreams days long, no time to expand.

      Dream apartment, wild animal cat racoon that jumped at me dodged and it fell of balcony.

      May be fears regarding animals.

      Friend Mike seaweed mask coconut bits. Refund at store. Heading home up the hill with group. Went too far up. Going back down the hill girl feels bad send her in teleporter. Keep heading down get separated with some friends I'm with Mike.

      Find group of ppl random foods tools for survival. Girl takes my supply. I go after it's maze. We form groups for survival.

      In the end get ancient survivors revive them.

      Could be incubated coco bits from earlier in the day.

      Survival perhaps related to fears of how people are against each other.

      Playing a game goblin and ghoul style. Final boss. Went to backroom. Thougjt I failed. FA my mother wakes tells me I was groaning in bed. Something about oldest cousin doing good.

      Likely bad memory about the time I got abused because I fell asleep at someone else's house.
    13. Learning from mistakes

      by , 04-14-2019 at 08:45 PM
      Short Ld and failed ap. Slept too late, I think that affected Ld alot. Was overwhelmingly tired in dreams, hard to get lucid. Will add detail to DJ if i want to expand dream mapping.

      Notes :
      Try to sleep earlier

      Avoid heavy mental activity before bed, made me tired inside dream (do it earlier)

      Focus on destination or thing when vibrations, relax though

      Lay still

      Keep it up, youre getting better. I know I did bad but still could get lucid.

      + I think glitchiness and tiredness may be connected. Trauma? Could be a good thing.

      Remember to touch wall or ground when weak.

      +remember to use "rewind" ability in lucid dreams.

      My thoughts maybe overwhelmed = tired. Thought about learning new things before bed.

      SC, donkey kong friend.

      Could just be memories from past that created this. Friend became the game character.

      Class room hanging out with ppl. We eat food and stuff. I need to go to bathroom. vegeta, fused with huge zombie guy, cut him apart. Vegs underling short Alien creates 2 blackhole for him. Talking about infinite worlds inside them. (I think I'm in veg pov towards the end)

      Could be incubated, tried using funny visualization along with mantra to make it easier to remember. Pretty long.

      School was structured like the one in Japan. Bathrooms at both ends of hallways.

      D3 lucid
      Starts out with clear but just visualization, micro wake about subway. Eventually finds a narrow blocked cemented entrance i crawl under and get a little stuck. MA.

      Find myself in a beat up house connected to subway. Figured an old guy lived here but they wanted to build subway here.

      Memory about subway.

      Memory /fear of getting stuck in narrow places.

      Are these 2 separate dreams?

      2d rpg like game ff series. Was in a town with chests. Gets into dark castle. Decide to save and load but get back to town. Chests unopened sad about losing save state. Game glitches. Faces a broken lady with every character max dmg to all.

      Maybe memory of losing save states.

      Glitch in the dream were scary before. This one not really. Maybe getting better.

      I rewound the dream because I felt like it. Did the dream get mad because of that?

      AP fail
      Wake kind of can see through eyelids. Maybe already outside body /FA. Get vibrations, focus was wrong. And just get strong vibrations. Felt good though.

      Should focus where I want to be or what I want to instead.
      Or maybe should have tried to touch wall or crawl during vision

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    14. Walls Meditation, ukulele, crawl, wishbook, mountain

      by , 04-14-2019 at 02:21 AM
      Most dreams were ld. I think I'm really getting the hang of this.
      *Just laid still, on back, scratching is ok, calm breath, calm mantra.

      Dream deild chains

      Friends playing catch in the park, I didn't feel like playing catch. I didn't want to get hit randomly either. I control one person with a controller and catch the ball the way, and I'm thinking playing catch isn't that bad. I try to catch the next ball but the guy next to me gets in front and catches it first. I head towards a direction.

      Wake/transition to next dream

      I think this dream might have signified fears of getting hit by balls randomly.

      Big Walls

      I am standing upon yellow stone ground. It's similar to the color of pyramids kind of. The environment is dry just like a desert area. I look around and I see a large staircase made of the same material, the stairs are wide. At the end of the stairs there is a monolithic wall made of the same stone material and it's closed off. I turn around and look behind me and I see a similar mololithic wall that's slowly becoming closed off. The walls were really gigantic. Porbably would take atleast 50 people to move it? It was more of a sliding door/wall or I guess a gate is more accurate.

      I am lucid and I decide to meditate on the spot. I hear strange whirlling sounds that keep on repeating every few seconds. It gets hot though, I have boots on and I decide to stand up and maybe do walking meditation. I take my boots off and perhaps distracted and lose myself to worry of dream ending.


      I think the sounds I hear during this dream were actualy my heartbeats. I heard it in my dream but it was slowed down to 1/2-1/4 the pace. So time was dilated. Very cool. The closing off of walls could indicate the closing of energy leakages in the body. Healing. This is also the first time I managed to consciously meditate in my dreams!

      Running in empty city

      LucidI head outside, into a big city, but it's empty. I run and keep running, I run faster than I have ever ran. I jump to try to fly up. I keep jumping, keep trying.


      I think the "try" made it difficult rather than just "do".

      Basement crawl


      I am laying in the bed. I look around and it turns out to be a basement room. Things begin to get unclear and I lose my vision. So I try to touch something... reaching. And I touch the wall. Touching the wall made my vision come back. But I wanted to walk around. So I just figugred I'd touch the floor. I decided to crawl like a baby and it worked. It was kind of hot so I decided to take some clothes off. Totally like a baby lol. My dad comes in and says "why you crawling like a baby?" I hang around a little ibt more but


      Old house, violin/ukulele


      I find myself in bed again, upstairs bedroom. I still have some memory of previous dream. I find myself in a room full of random toys and things. I find a violin and I pluck a bit. Wishing it was a ukulele, I begin holding and playing it like a ukulele. I played a song I knew and enjoyed myself really. Before I knew it the violin turned into a ukulele. I hear a voice in the distance, calling me. I'm really unsure whether it's from the dream or outside it. I wanted to prolong the dream so I tried the "stop" from the dream yesterday and I think I had time dilation, lost focus and I think its effect gote weaker.


      Class ??? ???

      lucid, have trouble reading handwriting lol.

      says class/ded?/ hor?


      lucid, waking in bed, heading out to the hallways,

      wake->transition to next dream

      Wish book

      I am in the school hallways, walking around. Losing lucidity. I hang out with these dream friends or schoolmates. I find one child who's in a bad spot. He likes book or something I think. So I decided to grant his wish. I gave him a wish book, a kind of a novel that would grant all of his wishes. His wishes come true

      Time rewind. Or just a different day in dream. He no longer has the book. I ask him about it and he said yeah there's a comic book with the same story like that! Guess he wished things back to normal.

      I was in a similar school to last dream, not sure if its the same but similar struture. I think this one was more of a highschool, while the last one was middle-elementary school.

      I am hanging out with some kids I have some trouble recalling earlier parts of the dream. I have some powers so I'm recruiting kids or they just begin following me. I think something cool to make them follow me, forget what though. Later on I find everyone in a classroom.

      I find a mountain that you could see outside the window in the classroom and there's a girl who's from this class that's gone missing. I tell all the kids in the class that we should go on an expedition to save her. I can use my clairvoyance or something to see that she's indeed in the mountain, alive and pretty well. She's level 80 or something for some reason. I'm grabbing random tools and items from a stash and hands it out to them and as we head out.


      School interior similar to an elementry/middle school I went to. Perhaps memory of that. Just not good times though.


      6 ld total, 2 were muddy, or hard to recall so I'll count as 5 for now.

      "stop" worked for time dilation

      meditation works as time dilation, I should maintain it instead of moving away and getting distracted.

      Calm breaths, relaxed mantras work well

      Stay still! Scratching is ok but go back to position

      Crawl! If nothing works!

      Numerous LD daily. Getting regular? I decided to sleep longer and wasn't lucid in last dreams. If I didn't sleep in then it's pretty much all lucid dreams!!!!

      I'm noticing more control in my dreams.

      Keep Practicing! GRC MILD, Shadow work, write, meditation!

      +day 17 of grc actually, told myself 14/15 days for big change. I think that was ôripening"

      Always Omnilucid!

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    15. laying still

      by , 04-13-2019 at 06:08 AM
      Had a couple of nlds and lds. I triedl aying still like DC said last night. Had trouble sleeping, may have to switch bedroom temporarily or something since I used the phone on the bed too much.

      Dream pokemon

      I have trouble recalling the dream. It was pretty long but I only remember bits of it. Towards the end it had mew2 from pokemon and it was confronting misty who was with mew. It was in a laboratory setting. The initial bits of it were unrelated to pokemon. Could just be trace memory. that pokemon film from loooong ago.


      Looking for parents. Parts unclear, was very tired during earlier sleep stages.

      dream may be about getting lost in supermarkets as a child

      Dream karaoke
      Was in an apartment, could be connected to the previous dream. I entered an apartment that looked like the one I lived while in Japan. However the interior of one of the rooms were much larger. The width was about the same but it kept going inwards deeper and deeper. There was a karaoke machine, I sang on it but it did not carry many songs so I was disappointed. Family acquaintances came over, they are trying out the karaoke machine. I think the mics have trouble working. Towards the very end of the room, which went very deep, maybe 1000ft into the room? There were friends and some people hanging out on a couch. We were doing something I am still recalling.


      About not having enough songs on the karaoke machine, could be memory of not having enough songs on the machine when getting it, also the mic issues as well.

      LD/AP WILD+ DEILDs + FA dream (I think 4 total, but 1 not clear, since I focused more on deild instead of noting it on DJ, order of some slightly mixed. End of it was a FA dream, which was pretty long and affected the recall a bit. maybe 1-2 AP like, 2-3 LD like, one of the AP like transformed into LD. I'll count the 3 since I remember I had 4, but have trouble remembering 1) stayed still

      I was getting some sensations and that "feeling" that I could leave the body or do a wild ld. The feeling might have been weaker than prevous times, however I felt confident since I have more experience and I managed to succeed a lot lately when I had that feeling. I just focused on the very gentle vibration. Almost felt like I lost it but I kept at it, I felt confident that I could do it. I think the confidence let me do it. I had slight worry but I believed I could do it and vanquished that thought. (focused on light and sound)

      I see kind of a scene inside the house I think, left eye open but right eye closed. This happend before and usually happens when I am tired. Before I would focus on trying to open the eyes more but that didn't work. So instead I just tried to relaxed and believed that things would get clearer and it did. I look around a bit I think, the house was kind of empty. I think around here


      Started as AP, tried to re-enter, became more ld like and explored a bedroom and woke?


      I stay still to re-enter.

      I think I am in a bullet train. Quiet and low-noise train with 4 seats facing eachother instead of one directional. There is a girl sitting in the seat opposite to mine. Asian, black hair, round face. She comes close to me, way tooo close. I am lucid. But she is still waaay too close and just keep coming closer. We are so close that we are now touching. I am just rubbing her skin for a few moments, inspecting, feeling the sensation of this dream and really am impressed . So I take a look around and I see an agent coming out from the automatic door. Russian spies or something. I begin to get away and the girl follows me. I raise my hand towards an agent and say "stop." I either stop the body function of the agent, or the time that surrounds the agent. I push him away. As we head towards the door on the opposing side where the agent came, another agent comes out the door, again I raise my hand, say "stop", stopping and knocking away. We take a left and the door leads somewhere else not inside the train anymore.

      Either woke, teleported to the bedroom, or a diner.


      Long dream. I woke in a bed. The dream gave me a backstory. I was an old man, maybe 70's white hair, wrinkled and thin. I was a LD teacher and was teaching them kids how to LD and stuff. I head outside to go towards the cafeteria. It was in a futuristic place, people just dont' work like before. I think this place could be a spaceship of sorts, either that or an enclosure bubble that protects you from the harsh outdoors that the earth has become or something.

      Some stuff happens here. I believe I find myself a fortune teller woman.

      I am at the cafeteria. I found myself sitting in a seat. There's a black boy right there he spilled soy sauce all over my food! Everything is too salty. I was trying to hack or repair a phone and I ended up breaking it. The boy tries to help me but no avail. I'm still just wandering around trying to find somene who could help me fixed it or something. Suddenly there's like some authority figure who calls everyone towards him, he's gonna assign random tasks for people to do. I didn't feel like it really. So instead of following the dream plot I just decided to go the other way. There's a security woman there, so I grab my broken phone and parts, put them in a box along with some other things laying around. I tell her "i'm doing the maintenance, let me through." So she does. I am walking through the hallway and eventually finds myself inside an airport. I'm really feeling lost. Dementia? I got my box of stuff and keep exploring feeling even more hopeless, and I find a young man with sparkling eytes, long brown wavy/curly hair. He's an aspiring magician but he's broke and starving. So I find some tomatoes in my box of things and feeds him. He follows me and we keep walking...


      The feeling of dementia, or loss of memory is very interesting. It's like I knew that I should remember to do something in the dream. I know that I would know what to do, that something is off had my faculties were sharper. Close to lucidity. The earlier part of this dream I thought about DEILD or WBTB to another dream, but I was not lucid. So close!

      +I think the discomfort and confused feeling was me questioning why I was here. Close to lucid.

      So broken phone could just be memory of breaking a phone and salty food is just eating oversalted food.


      Lay still

      Believe it will work and it will work

      The dementia feeling or maybe amnesia is the state of nld I believe. I perceived it as "odd" and scary kind of.

      Am I changing? Like I am beginning to perceive the state of non-lucidity as something that's "strange" and lucidity as the normal state of consciousness? This could be a very large growth indeed.

      Improve GRC, do mild and meditation.

      Feeling something big coming. Just a really strong feeling. It's coming!

      Writing stuff down works.

      Maybe use "stop" to stop time around you. Time dilation.

      Always omnilucid

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