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    1. Song writing, ripening omnilucidity

      by , 04-11-2019 at 11:47 PM
      Did not sleep enough for too many dreams. 2nld 1ld. May have been another dream. May have been able to get more Ld!

      Rubicks cube during wake session woke me too much. However it may have helped visualization dramatically. Writing down mantra was very effective.

      Dream 1 catching ride

      Still trying to recall the earlier part of this dream. Me and a friend and a child emperor are trying to catch a ride. We get on the car share like thing.


      Could be related to missing bus rides in school.

      Dream 2 wonderful music***

      I really really really loved this dream. May be connected to dream 1 as the destination. I ended up in a music hangout or kind of place. All the musicians would write songs and sing and just hang out. I was writing down songs on my DJ. At first I had trouble writing but I got better and better as the dream progressed. (writing got more elegant as songs got better ) Made mucho good friends in that dream. In the end I made music that was out of of this world... It was amazing I wanted the dream to continue!

      Made friends with this really cool big afro haired dude, I loved the song he made and sang it daily within the dream, while he sang my songs daily too. Also met a long dark haired girl, skin pale as the moon, she was very cool. Somehow she could read my very messy lyrics from the start of the dream that I wrote but couldn't read myself and sang them.

      Her voice... So powerful and strong towards the end it resonated through my heart and I..


      This dream! I wish I could have stayed longer. It was wunderland. It was so amazing, so beautiful. It was so fun. What would it be like if im lucid in this dream?

      Writing getting prettier from writing down mantras, very fast incubation.

      Lucid dream class room, ripening omnilucid

      I was sleeping or napping in class. The teacher was a math teacher that all the girls found hot back then. I felt like his heart was much bigger than his looks from my memory.

      I was exhausted in my dream and trying to sleep and I looked around the room. There was a friend Greg, who asked me stories about my lucid dreaming journeys. I found a guy and he let me try out my moves on him. I kicked! A few times and then he helped me improve hand to hand combat. People are leaving the classroom gradually

      I see a guy in the class staying put and I remember about a dream goal.

      I think I'm suddenly lucid around here.

      I ask him about omnilucidity. He says "you can but..." and something in another language that doesn't make too much sense. I keep pressing him futher and I


      Upon waking up what he says kind of makes sense. If I translate what he said it's, "you can, but time spent laying too green."

      So what i thought of immediately was that, Im getting it, but the time is not ripe for picking yet. Or that it would take just a little longer for my body to make all the minute adjustments for omnilucidity.

      Or it could mean my time sleeping is not enough:

      either need more sleep time daily, or

      The total sleep time needs to be greater, perhaps the body adjusts itself dream wise only when you are still or sleeping.

      This dream could also be a memory of school, when i used to nap in math class didn't study and still had the best grades in class. But maybe trauma of when my dad forced me in a room to study grades dropped after that. i think he made me do a homework and wouldn't let me go to sleep because I got one problem wrong or something like that.

      Also might be related to insomnia I had back then, if I knew about polyphasic sleep I wouldn't have been worried about 2 or 3 hrs of sleep daily. Went to doctor but he gave me a tranquilizer (I thought were just sleeping pills) , it may have damaged brain, likely also the cause of dropped grades back then. I think my brain was numbed and nothing would just go in. Maybe the rubicks cube helped activated that slugged area along with Ld practice, reviving the neurons back then. I'll put em to use for Lucid dreaming!


      Very cool dreams

      Rubicks cube very good for visualization, but perhaps not on bed.

      Writing mantra is excellent. Also get to practice cursive too.

      Keep up meditation, grc and shadow work!

      Keep practicing!

      Ripening omnilucid dreamer

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    2. Magic school

      by , 04-11-2019 at 05:04 AM
      Almost forgot to post DJ.

      I slept late.. Very late. I think it affected Ld alot. I das reading some books to help with visualization and other stuff but got a little carried away.

      Dream 1 magic school

      I dreamt that I was attending a magical institution. Apparently I was an expert but decided to attend anyways for fun.

      So I was a mage and our class was forming a party of 4 for a project that we would do. My plan was to get 1 mage, 1 warrior, 1 rogue sort of party for balance. I found a lady with a pretty high int stat and added her to my party. I head back home once to rest and me and her get into an argument regarding the rest of the party. Worked out OK in the end.


      Dream dead bird

      A bird flying around the house into a closet. I try to find something to catch and release it but when I came back it was dead.


      Dead bird is a memory of when I killed a bird when I was young and scared probably. I'm sorry. Please forgive me. Love you. Have fun in a better place.

      had maybe a failed ap or wild something here. I just felt a little bit of the feeling and didn't attempt to separate or visualize into wild. Moved into different position.

      Vision quest
      I was just visualizing and the images stayed to become a film and more realistic just lacked other sensations. It began to form a story about going to a office. Very close to wild Ld I think. Just got a little too excited I think. Perhaps could have worked if I retried and stayed still. Don't think I'll count it as Ld, but will note that I was close.

      Might be a wisp of memory of when I visited my dad for work long ago as well.


      read too late, reading too much on bed is no good. I think i lost too much awareness or lucidity in waking. Reading a little about LD right before bed it ok i think.

      Magic school was something I wanted to do in Ld. In LD! Haha. Incubated. Things keep getting incubated.

      Next time I should probably stay still and try on apparent fails. It's pretty close to transition between sleep and wake.

      Also just bought a rubicks cube to train visualization and things. If I get better I can just visualize a cube or something to play and exercise.
      *might have played it too much on wbtb, perhaps too awake

      Just read a little about Ld or ap on wbtb if desired, helps incubate and doesn't wake you too much.

      Also bought a rewritable board for writing down mantra today or jot dream keywords I think it will help and save paper too.

      Read a book regarding hermetics. It was pretty good reading, about balancing visualization and other senses.

      How do I get lucid on earlier dreams?

      **should have tried to engage other senses in the vision, that would turn it into Ld!

      Keep up grc and mild! Do shadow work!


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