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    1. laying still

      by , 04-13-2019 at 06:08 AM
      Had a couple of nlds and lds. I triedl aying still like DC said last night. Had trouble sleeping, may have to switch bedroom temporarily or something since I used the phone on the bed too much.

      Dream pokemon

      I have trouble recalling the dream. It was pretty long but I only remember bits of it. Towards the end it had mew2 from pokemon and it was confronting misty who was with mew. It was in a laboratory setting. The initial bits of it were unrelated to pokemon. Could just be trace memory. that pokemon film from loooong ago.


      Looking for parents. Parts unclear, was very tired during earlier sleep stages.

      dream may be about getting lost in supermarkets as a child

      Dream karaoke
      Was in an apartment, could be connected to the previous dream. I entered an apartment that looked like the one I lived while in Japan. However the interior of one of the rooms were much larger. The width was about the same but it kept going inwards deeper and deeper. There was a karaoke machine, I sang on it but it did not carry many songs so I was disappointed. Family acquaintances came over, they are trying out the karaoke machine. I think the mics have trouble working. Towards the very end of the room, which went very deep, maybe 1000ft into the room? There were friends and some people hanging out on a couch. We were doing something I am still recalling.


      About not having enough songs on the karaoke machine, could be memory of not having enough songs on the machine when getting it, also the mic issues as well.

      LD/AP WILD+ DEILDs + FA dream (I think 4 total, but 1 not clear, since I focused more on deild instead of noting it on DJ, order of some slightly mixed. End of it was a FA dream, which was pretty long and affected the recall a bit. maybe 1-2 AP like, 2-3 LD like, one of the AP like transformed into LD. I'll count the 3 since I remember I had 4, but have trouble remembering 1) stayed still

      I was getting some sensations and that "feeling" that I could leave the body or do a wild ld. The feeling might have been weaker than prevous times, however I felt confident since I have more experience and I managed to succeed a lot lately when I had that feeling. I just focused on the very gentle vibration. Almost felt like I lost it but I kept at it, I felt confident that I could do it. I think the confidence let me do it. I had slight worry but I believed I could do it and vanquished that thought. (focused on light and sound)

      I see kind of a scene inside the house I think, left eye open but right eye closed. This happend before and usually happens when I am tired. Before I would focus on trying to open the eyes more but that didn't work. So instead I just tried to relaxed and believed that things would get clearer and it did. I look around a bit I think, the house was kind of empty. I think around here


      Started as AP, tried to re-enter, became more ld like and explored a bedroom and woke?


      I stay still to re-enter.

      I think I am in a bullet train. Quiet and low-noise train with 4 seats facing eachother instead of one directional. There is a girl sitting in the seat opposite to mine. Asian, black hair, round face. She comes close to me, way tooo close. I am lucid. But she is still waaay too close and just keep coming closer. We are so close that we are now touching. I am just rubbing her skin for a few moments, inspecting, feeling the sensation of this dream and really am impressed . So I take a look around and I see an agent coming out from the automatic door. Russian spies or something. I begin to get away and the girl follows me. I raise my hand towards an agent and say "stop." I either stop the body function of the agent, or the time that surrounds the agent. I push him away. As we head towards the door on the opposing side where the agent came, another agent comes out the door, again I raise my hand, say "stop", stopping and knocking away. We take a left and the door leads somewhere else not inside the train anymore.

      Either woke, teleported to the bedroom, or a diner.


      Long dream. I woke in a bed. The dream gave me a backstory. I was an old man, maybe 70's white hair, wrinkled and thin. I was a LD teacher and was teaching them kids how to LD and stuff. I head outside to go towards the cafeteria. It was in a futuristic place, people just dont' work like before. I think this place could be a spaceship of sorts, either that or an enclosure bubble that protects you from the harsh outdoors that the earth has become or something.

      Some stuff happens here. I believe I find myself a fortune teller woman.

      I am at the cafeteria. I found myself sitting in a seat. There's a black boy right there he spilled soy sauce all over my food! Everything is too salty. I was trying to hack or repair a phone and I ended up breaking it. The boy tries to help me but no avail. I'm still just wandering around trying to find somene who could help me fixed it or something. Suddenly there's like some authority figure who calls everyone towards him, he's gonna assign random tasks for people to do. I didn't feel like it really. So instead of following the dream plot I just decided to go the other way. There's a security woman there, so I grab my broken phone and parts, put them in a box along with some other things laying around. I tell her "i'm doing the maintenance, let me through." So she does. I am walking through the hallway and eventually finds myself inside an airport. I'm really feeling lost. Dementia? I got my box of stuff and keep exploring feeling even more hopeless, and I find a young man with sparkling eytes, long brown wavy/curly hair. He's an aspiring magician but he's broke and starving. So I find some tomatoes in my box of things and feeds him. He follows me and we keep walking...


      The feeling of dementia, or loss of memory is very interesting. It's like I knew that I should remember to do something in the dream. I know that I would know what to do, that something is off had my faculties were sharper. Close to lucidity. The earlier part of this dream I thought about DEILD or WBTB to another dream, but I was not lucid. So close!

      +I think the discomfort and confused feeling was me questioning why I was here. Close to lucid.

      So broken phone could just be memory of breaking a phone and salty food is just eating oversalted food.


      Lay still

      Believe it will work and it will work

      The dementia feeling or maybe amnesia is the state of nld I believe. I perceived it as "odd" and scary kind of.

      Am I changing? Like I am beginning to perceive the state of non-lucidity as something that's "strange" and lucidity as the normal state of consciousness? This could be a very large growth indeed.

      Improve GRC, do mild and meditation.

      Feeling something big coming. Just a really strong feeling. It's coming!

      Writing stuff down works.

      Maybe use "stop" to stop time around you. Time dilation.

      Always omnilucid

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