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    1. cyclops, barbecue

      by , 04-29-2019 at 03:23 AM
      I feel like I'm lacking some rem. Perhaps due to intense grc and meditation. Probably a good thing, had this feeling when I was having pretty much daily LD. Listened to Monroe tape again, pretty cool for relaxing and things saw some visions. Almost ld I think but need a little bit of "touch" sensation.

      Hell to Heaven

      I was listening to the monroe tape and after I bit I began to see and feel freaky stuff. I saw a spiderwoman or what you'd call an arachnid in front of me just exposing its hole I think that were used to weave webs. I'm looking around and it's pretty dark and things are fleshy but dark. Is this one version of what people considers hell? I pondered for a moment and realized and remembered that heaven and hell are one and same; They were both the thought responsive environment that would grant all of your immediate thoughts and I began to direct my thoughts. I tried imagining an angel and saw a being with some feathery wings but it went back to the previous scene.

      -I believe I thought about spiders in bedrom or something that might've contribute to the initial scene.

      I am trying to visualize something more serene, and I began seeing clouds,, but the whole sky was filled with grey clouds. The clouds were intenstine shaped and not a trace of the sky could be found. I willed the sky to be clear and slowly lights began to part the clouds. Starting from the middle the clouds began to dissolve and You could see the magnificent warm yellow light leaking through and giving way to the peaceful baby-blue sky. It began to become pretty realistic but ended here.

      -heart felt very clear afterwards

      Cyclops Barbecue

      I was listening to the thing again.

      I found myself in a forest all alone. Nobody else was there. I decided to summon 6 of my strongest and most loyal warriors to the spot. I created a blueish wormhole and they emerged out of it. We immediately engage some enemy. I forget whether it was a beast or bandits but I stopped it with my index finger and flicked them out of the picture. After the engagement I told my party I wanted to find my body. We began searching for my body and I saw the vision of the side of a rocky mountain. Brown-yellowish boulder mountain, likely high in phosphorous or sulfur, I'm not a rock specialist though! We fly towards my body.

      It was covered in a large crystalline thing or ice. About 10 feet tall and a little less wide. Wasn't sure what to do but I decided to touch the crystal and I end up back into the body inside the crystal. I break free and I'm free! Feels so good and wonderful. We decided to go explore another world. I summon a portal once again and we head inside.

      It was another foresty area, a little more jurassic like with giant animals. Wasn't sure what to do, I unconsciously summoned gotenks from the DBZ universe through the portal. I tell him we're trying to hunt something so we can hold a BBQ. He agrees to help us and quickly comes back with a dino beast! We begin cooking some of the meat and I give it to the now separated gotenks. They have to go back to their world now so they take some BBQ and leave through the portal. I wanted to make a hot plate for the meat and I grow a boulder out of the ground and slice a slab out of it. We fire up the slab and put a thin slice of the meat on top.

      The dino meat had the texture of chicken, however its scent, richness and taste was more akin to that of pork. Delicious, light and tender yet wholesome. We enjoy BBQing for a bit and I wanted to summon others from my palace. Might be too dangerous to summon everyone here though. I decided to create a boulder once again.

      The color was similar to the the mountian from the previous scene, brown-yellow ish and I grew it out of the ground. It rose and grew wider until it was somewhat conical in shape and almost like a tower. Its top was rounded though and I sliced it cleanly with my magic like a laser to create a even ground for everyone to stand on, with a little wall on the outer rim of the circle so no one would fall off, now it looked even more like a tower. I morph the interior structure into a crude dungeon like rooms and stairs. Nothing too fancy. Fly to the top of the tower and I summon a portal. Now everyone was here. Gramps, my bulter begin to toot my horns about how magnificent my creation was; although it was more like a dungeon than a place where people could stay he was pretty impressed. I tell him it's not that amazing that it's not furnished or anything. He immediately calls the maids to furnish the interior of my tower. Done in just a few moments... amazing! Well it was habitable now.

      I decide to resume the BBQ party and this time we have drinks and stuff too. Everyone's enjoying themselves here. I get a little bored and decide toe explore. I fly down the tower at the north west or just top left side casually only bringing 1 of them with me, but 4 more comes along after they noticed me leaving. Let's explore this forest a little. We keep heading down the path and I feel something ominous. My senses don't betray me and a massive cyclops, size of about twice the street lights and its eye was width of a human! It roars and engages right in front of us. I take a step back but I am grabbed by a pair of massive hands the size of my body grasping clasping me. It was another cyclops! I immediately think "freeze" and the one that caught me ws frozen. Then "freeze" and frozen was the one in front. They were both now frozen in place, no ice or anything just frozen dry.

      -the cyclops had no hair. It had a single cone shaped horn that grew from the top of its head and blue skin.

      Jade was intrigued by this unique creature and wanted to conduct experiments on them. But I told her to be kind. We had a creed where we'd never cause unnecessary suffering. So she drew her katana sword out of the sheath and sliced the one behind me vertically and perfectly into half. Its insides were very frozen and each of the sliced half showed perfect details of its insides. She decided to kill it out of mercy. Asked me if she could have it... sure it's a present then... she was pretty ecstatic about it. I decide to leave the one in front to let it thaw out by itself to not influence the eco system of the surrounding too much and just left it there. We head back to the top of the tower.

      I decide to go somewhere else to set up a base since this place seemed kind of dangerous so I open up a portal and enter it. I end up being in a room and behind me was a miniature planet, likely the world I was in previously. It was like a giant child's room with toys that contained worlds within. I wanted to go somewhere else though so I created a blackhole to create a tear in space. A new universe. I head inside and and find myself in blackness in the space of a different universe. I wanted a nice beach. Closed my eyes and appears there after a bit. I summon the others through the portal and we spend some fun times on the beach.

      -was very fun!
      - I think the ice and frozen could be related to how it snowed a little in the morning

      FF 6 Mermaid

      I was in a game world I think it was final fantasy. I summon a mermaid and we just hang around for a while but I feel the dream ending. I or it wanted to stay longer but the dream ends.
      -maybe mermaid related to the beach scene from before, or maybe its related to tale of lil mermaid
      -game is just memory of the game, haven't played it in a long time though

      Vat Van

      I'm hanging out with folks from the vat19. We are going around town on a special bus and just cruising. Eventually they and my dad get into an argument that lasts for hours.
      -watched vat19 video recently
      -had an epiphany about growth as a person at the end of dream


      Reduced rem from really hard GRC, forgot to grc while typing, improve!

      Didn't feel much resistance during MILD, tried shadow work and worked on the tiny doubt

      Hemi sync tapes are pretty cool, would likely work well for AP or WILD

      Perhaps I could have engaged the sense of touch more, maybe rub hands

      Oh yeah it snowed.. NO MORE SNOW NOW! SUMMER IS COMING NOW!

      Always lucid in every dream!

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