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    1. Ned to meditate

      by , 05-02-2019 at 06:10 AM
      Teeth shaking or falling out in dream

      -signs of growth or stress

      I saw a businessman funding a film and he got a cameo part in a kung-fu zombie film. He was pretty good at his role except He didn't watch movies so he didn't know what zombies were.


      I was at a neighbors house and the roof were leaking. I walked down went to basement to avoid rain and found friends there. There were only sweets like rice crispy kind of stuff there but I wanted salty food. We hang out a while and I go upstairs again. I talk to others about something maybe complaint about the food.

      -perhaps telling me to eat less sweets? Or telling me to eat more sweets lol.


      I dreamed of a girl who was looking for her dad. Her mom left them so the dad tried to keep her entertained. He made these arcade like games for her to play. But she wanted to find her dad though. So she kept clearing different games to trace her dad's footsteps.

      She met some bad noble. He was trying to violate her with his authority. She's also a noble but no dice. 2 guys shows up before it escalates too much. They had a unique sword skill and one on the left introduced himself as the student of Gen. The one to the right was also his disciple but they didn't know each other just coincidentally met and began to talk to each other on the spot.


      Road trip on country roads of USA and the greenery and mountains. Reason? Was looking for something.

      -perhaps memory of long drive

      Something about discovering untapped potential. Or attaining it.


      Was trying really hard to get lucid in dream in kind of limbo between wake and sleep. I think i realized I was in the dream but I was nervous about the time so woke myself up.


      Relax, so I can stay in dream when I get aware l.

      **I should try to meditate first thing in dream. Times when I did that I had multiple DEILDs. Probably puts me in a really good state rest of dream

      Also need to be calm and realize I set the alarm properly, time is just dilated in dream and you have the time.

      Ate coconut oil right before reading about it on forum. Perhaps good for dreaming.

      Grc meditate mild shadow work remember