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    1. Link gandalf

      by , 06-25-2019 at 04:50 PM
      had 4-5 ld. Did not jot down much. I was more focused on recalling steps I took yesterday rather than the dream content. Maybe am a little jaded of recording dreams.

      I focused mostly on questioning if I'm dreaming or telling self a dream throughout the day. Did mild, Shadow work. For shadow work I spoke to my subconscious candidly. I was 100% sure I would get lucid. Also tried to wbtb, set alarm but woke earlier than alarm so turned off alarm. Did raduga alarm not sure if that helped since I didn't use it last week. I'm getting better at this: kind of getting a feel for it.

      It was mostly dild towards the end of dream. Dreams were long I think felt like a week worth of events. A day each. Did not mediate in the dreams so didn't have continuous lucidity.

      Lds: mostly about game themed stuff. In the first one I was doing rc but they did not work, but I kept the idea in my head and worked near the end. Well maybe was lucid earlier but had a small doubt that made rc fail. Was also pretty realistic.

      one had link from Zelda, I think I was link and there was Gandalf like figure helping me to progress through puzzles.

      I dreamt about playing against the pro gamer. Became a more serious theme towards the end. He became evil and was trying to stop him mostly.

      In the last one I cried at the end of dream. Crying woke me and stopped ld chains. It was something sad.

      *maybe it's my belief that crying would stop ld chains that stopped it

      Dream: had an unpleasant dream Mario party, also teleported. It was an amusement park needed to poo. Saw a relationship thing. Pretty violent content.

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