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    1. 2 spiders failed rc, music fame castout

      by , 09-12-2019 at 04:27 AM
      To china

      I was supposed to go to China in this dream. I was to take a flight in a day or two. I'd first be taking the subways to the airport, then take the plane. But for some reason I'd stopped somewhere near downtown at a relative or an acquaintance's home to stop by overnight. I slept over at their house on the second floor bedroom but I was worried because I'd forgotten my cellphone. My mom was apparently going there on an earlier flight but how was I suppose to contact her now? I thought oh well, it'd work out somehow and went to bed. I hanged out with my friend Jack while at the house after.

      -I feel like this was a couple of different memory events fused together into an abomination.

      Supermarket Sashimi

      I was at a supermarket. Shopping for groceries. While my family were looking at vegetables, I found the seafood section at the back. I grabbed ahold of a lobster and wanted to eat it as sashimi. I sliced off it's head and had a taste. It was salty and sweet - tasted like how I remembered. I looked away for a moment and the staff had taken away my lobster. I was slightly mad since I'd already paid for it and I only got one bite out of it.

      -White floors, pretty clean supermarket. Maybe it was a chinese supermarket.*

      -again it was a couple of old memories pieced together


      2 spiders, bikini, a little lucid

      I found myself atop my bed laying down. It was my familiar bedroom and everything appeared normal. I got out of the bed and something got my attention. There was a spider on the ground to the right so I tried to abolish it. I think it got away. I headed to the bathroom and everything still appeared like my bedroom. But once when I was inside my bathroom I wasn't sure - I just felt like this was a dream. I stepped outside the bathroom door and tried to poke right finger through my left hand. It didn't work. I thought maybe I was wrong but I was 70% sure that I was dreaming. I found the drawer and it was at the same spot. There was a baby blue swim-wear there and I decided to try it on.


      I am in the bedroom again and I find the spider again. I try to get it and it got away again. I did another reality check here since I felt like it was a dream. Finger through hand again and it didn't work, but I didn't trust the RC- I was pretty sure it was a dream. Before I could scrutinize the environment any further I'd heard my dad's voice. I found him in one of the living halls and we spoke a little. He appeared so real so I think I lost lucidity around there.

      not a Ukulele, fun diner music, castout

      I was in a diner of a small town. It had nice wooden floors and tables to go along with them.I was seated towards the end of the diner where apparently a bunch of regulars were. A couple of them apepared to be musicians of a band and my attention was drawn to the string instrument that one of them had. It was small, like an ukulele but not really a ukulele. Google search showed me that it appeared to be similar to a instrument called a jiple. One of them saw me eyeing the instrument and told me to give it a try so I did.

      It was a skinny ukulele shaped instrument. lie this < >==< (=( ) )> , but it wasn't an ukuele.

      At first I tried playing it like a ukulele but it didn't sound right. But I let go of trying to play it like an uke and it began to sound better. I sang, not perfect but it was alright, getting better. I noticed a tiny crowd around me for some reason by the time I stopped singing and playing. They gave me the ok to keep playing so I did. This time I tried playing a song by Ricky Martin. I couldn't get the chords or make it sound how I wanted it to but I just let it be, and let the sounds and my fingers play what they wanted to play. And gradually I began to find my rhythm and I sang.

      I sang, feeling the music until I found my sound. And before you know it the crowd got larger and they surrounded my nearby area. I saw and looked at the girl in front of me she had a dirty blonde hair with brown eyes, then I turned a little to the right and saw a a brown haired guy, he had long wavy hair and I think he was one of the musicians from earlier. I was just casually noticing the crowd around me as I sang and enjoyed my time, feeling alive. I had finished another song.

      To the right side of the diner, or maybe it was a pub rather, people were talking about some Japanese tourists that were visiting this city. This city appeared to be the country side of North America, wouldn't be surprised to find cowboys here. Anyways I did not notice them since they were way to the right of the place, and my back was behind them while I sang. One of them had come and requested me to sing again. I was delighted and of course agreed. But I wanted to find another instrument though, and what do you know, his companions had brought along an instrument. I went over to their table to the right and took the string instrument. It looked like a ukulele so I tried playing it, but alas it was a different instrument yet again. This one was peculiar in that it had a partition between the middle of the four strings. But it sounded ok. And I told them I'd sing a song of my own for them. And so I did. Time flew by.


      I was back in the diner, from where I sat earlier. There were a group of oldsters there. They were mostly the old men that were regulars of this pub/diner, there were a few younger people too. The dream plot tells me some time had passed. According to one of the young man with black spiky hair there, someone had secretly uploaded a video of me from earlier and I was exploding on youtube. There were some random people trying to find where I lived and how their quiet little town was now full of annoying foreigners. They all looked at me with stern eyes.

      A gramps in front of me, slightly to the left with short, white hair and tan, wanted me to go away. He eyes said,

      "you're famous now so go away."

      All of their eyes said the same thing... Meanwhile the guy from earlier had mockingly said,

      "everything you touch is turning into liquid gold."

      I was crushed. I was sad because I knew what he meant by that. A meaning akin to king Midas, only begetting loneliness by his touch of gold. But I I wanted to speak up. So I turned my sadness into irritation and replied

      "and what's wrong with that?"

      But I didn't want to hide my true feelings and decided to open up my heart to speak how I really felt.

      "I just came here to hang out with you guys... I missed you all and I... Love you. I love you all."

      I started tearing up and slowly began to sob. A quiet rainstorm was I. They began to change their expressions and their eyes had now expressed a kinder tone. It was all a facade; they were pretending to hate me to get me to move on from the small town... So that I could see the world.

      I awake, the mailman rang the doorbell a soon after

      Shape of diner

      l l\
      l m l
      l J l
      l l \ \ \ \ Entrance
      l O l
      L ]
      \ \
      m- where the musicians sat
      J - where the Japanese tourists sat
      O - where the oldsters sat

      I feel like the 2 dreams before the WBTB might have been NREM dreams. Not sure why but it had that feeling. It was just less clear and events appeared to skip more often.

      I know the RC failed because I had a seed of a doubt in my heart that it wasn't going to work. The finger through the hand is just a bad RC for me since I have previous negative experiences with it. However it was the one I could think of at that moment so that was what I did. Probably another RC would have worked during that period or would've worked also if I had repeated the RC a couple of times.

      I just tried to relax more during wbtb than before. I think relaxation is pretty important.

      I think I'm getting better.

      *I believe that maybe if I were to close my eyes right as I try to push my finger through it might make it easier that that RC. Part of me may be queasy about the exact moment of pushing it through. Next time I will do that if I do that RC again.

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