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    1. Meditating, mall shootout, underground yoga, no man's island

      by , 09-20-2019 at 04:02 AM
      Few dreams before wbtb, it wasn't that interesting and don't recall it too much

      Trying to get something

      Playing a game or being in a game like plot

      At a hospital garden, There was someone that was a friend BM hanging out with a girl.

      Boring sex. Was having intercourse I think, it was boring me so I left.


      Playing ukulele with a kid in the living room, mom joined in with a guitar too, had fun

      Lucid meditated, lost focus and walked around but went back to meditation.

      Lucid mall shooting bad ppl that took over mall that were raiding the place. 2 guns in hand. Walk forward then to right. They are just raiding stuff. Shoot them before they can shoot me. But I ran it of ammo. used a lawn mower as cover.

      Lucid Mall 2 I realized that I Could summon articles at will, like the lawn mower or guns. but ran out of energy from experimenting too much. Engage the gang that took over without guns this time.
      *perhaps the fear of running out made summoning stuff stop working.

      Mall 3 escape from the previous gang, ran outside then to an underground facility.

      Lucid underground facility. Large concrete staircases. Meditate by staircase there but ppl(looked like nurses or doctors) find me. I enter the door for floor beside me. Looks kind of like hospital inside. I meditate a bit here, but could not get peace as there were people running amok. Apparently I'm wanted, maybe people saw me and thought I was responsible for the mall raiding, even though I was helping out. I Enter a room to right, yoga class starting soon. I looked at the instructor there, asked her if I could join just to mingle and avert the eyes of those trying to catch me. I was mostly naked and got looks of admiration. She tells me to write in her notebook on the wooden table that had the yoga member list. Since I'm wanted I'm trying to come up with a nick name. I decided to have something that starts with G, Gen or something similar? I dropped the notebook to the left under the table. I pick it up and the girl to the right was mad; she thought I was spying through her notebook. Turns out, I picked up wrong notebook and explained the situation to her and she relaxed. Wrote name on yoga list.

      Lucid plane, with miss g and my mom. It was a private plane so more space, as the seats were facing each other rather than all facing in one direction. Miss g talked about true meaning of yoga or Tibetan practice. She talked about this twice. Something about this reduced my lucidity. To the right sitting right beside me was Mark $uckerberg maybe the plane was his. Half of the Plane's missing now though, the tail end which is to my left showed the open skies. Mark is nonchalant. He was totally calm and sure of everything. We needed to do an emergency exit, Mark grabs chute and leaves by himself, I barely could get the chute backpack though my left shoulder. Top of plane falls off now, and we are all lifted up in the air, I'm grabbing the bag with all my strength to not let it go.

      We are all in the open air, big blue skies all around, ppl falling, plane falling. I look down and there's very light and clear emerald blue waters by the beach shore. I found this scene very beautiful and I thought that maybe I have to use the parachute soon but before I could react, I just fall into sea. Feeling the impact, saw the air bubbles under the sea among others who also fell, hitting seabed *thomp*, since the water was relatively shallow, maybe around 5 times my height. Someone comments how lucky we are.

      Trying to find friend in wreckage, he was busy copulating. I explore the inside and ask if anyone wanted to get together.
      Someone comes to find me. Lose lucidity around here. She was very short, cladding long blonde hair that was above the very large, focused eyes, sparkling with keen intelligence. She had a good heart and I found her very cute indeed. We discussed how we needed to set up our friends (the 2 that were mingling their flesh earlier) to a long term relationship. Some strange ppl Eating strange foods taking drugs. Richard was among them. I leave to get away from ppl. I head outside, exploring the wilderness., other people leave the base around the same time. I am walking by the cliffs behind our camp, away from others. To the distance I see a group of animals consisting predominantly of tigers approaching camp, to attack us. They were mad that we disturbed peaceful place. But blocky uneven terrain that was also narrow was hard for them to maneuver as they were massive, maybe they were Saber tooth mix. There were a little over 20 tigers. I head down slowly to warm others who left the camp. Most tigers didnt notice me. One tiger find me to attack but he slips and falls down cliff.


      Lucidity is lasting longer now. I believe I'm improving.
      Plane seats:
      Open skies|OOGMOO| Pilot cabin

      Missing tail|OOX$OO |

      x= me
      g= ms.g
      m= mom
      $= mark

      Mall may be familiar mall.

      Maybe hospital dream was telling me something. He was a friend but no longer. He slept with someone while his gf was calling him and that just didn't sit right with me among other things he did. I kicked him for her and other things he did and he kicked me back and that was that. Maybe in the dream yesterday I called someone a justice-boner but perhaps I'm no better. There was a certain friend who liked him and I told her about him. She said that since his gf wasn't nearby that's an ok thing to do. Is it really what's ok and normal now? Maybe I was bothered by this from years back, letting it go now.

      The shooting guns is probably from VR I got recently. I recalled a DV member who played VR and I thought it sounded fun. I believe some games like robo recall can help with materialization of objects.

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