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    1. Week's Review

      by , 11-24-2020 at 03:15 AM
      After briefly looking over this week's DJ's what have I learned? What have I noticed?

      DJ optimization

      I noticed that my recall is pretty good. As long as I can make sense of the short notes, usually about 3 words, I can expand the dream a lot from it. The problem arises when I can't read the note upon reading it later during the day. So a way to fix this could be to just take 1 minute to rewrite them in a very neat manner.


      Another thing I could do is to just have a short summary of the dreams at the end of the day if the dreams were particularly interesting. I noticed that I could recall paragraphs and paragraphs of info from just a sentence or two from days ago. And maybe once every week or a couple of days I can expand on them or review the dreams like I did on the days where I didn't have dreams the past week.

      Awareness technique review

      The awareness score that I'm giving myself is in the right direction. But something seems off about it. The idea is right, but the execution isn't perfect. How would I improve it? I feel like the problem is that it doesn't feel personalized enough: I'm getting the awareness feedback from the numbers, but it doesn't fully engage my emotions. Perhaps it doesn't have to be emotions, but just a sensation or feeling. A way to engage more of the brain....


      In a way it's like when you're trying to remember a word - like a shoe. If you'd imagine a pink elephant wearing a shoe, that engrains it harder into your mind right? In a sense I need something similar to that. Like an anchor? A way to really engrave the awareness into the brain.


      One more thing is that I'm probably trying too hard. When I'm feeling exhausted, I should just take a break. This applies to all things.



      My dreams were in 3 segments. Each part was related to one another. I'll just write a brief summary of it since it doesn't feel that exciting at the moment. But I'll try to write down the key parts if I want to expand it on a later date.


      Part 1

      W city. I was a middle eastern man. Going to M city. I was in an apartment, a sort of party going on. Looking for excuse to leave. Go home or go back to W city.


      part 2

      I was a young man, an explorer. Caught by a group of people. Our group doing our best to escape from them. Middle eastern feel of our captors.


      part 3

      It was a similar situation or location. But this time is was a warring theme. I was princess of country sitting beside my brother on couch. Facing the king of barbarian. We were surrounded by his men. Go out and try to make peace. 2 factions fighting.


      14/90 - 15%