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    1. Meh

      by , 07-10-2020 at 07:23 AM
      Didn't have even a moment of lucidity. Felt a bit disappointed.

      Scribbles that I can't read but I'll write what I remember.


      Bedroom with huge spiders. Nightmare maybe.


      I was in some sort of medieval themed kingdom maybe magic. Was in the dungeon underneath it and trying to escape it.


      I was in something like a dorm room initially in bedroom. Me and some folks were to complete some quests. Included taking over pirate ship, a sort of gladiator arena. I think the last one was like a cave that was in a mountain cliff. I remember my ex was there on the pirate ship and at the end. I recall in the arena was Bruce Lee. We were transported in between each segment by some small person sized portal. The last area was some sort of floating platform? It was like some floor made of white stone and stairs but there no walls just the sky. I didn't get a good look though.


      Notes: I failed really. I was tired and uninspired. I wasn't paying as much attention to my feelings.