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    1. Rock Paper Scissors

      by , 07-11-2020 at 04:53 AM

      It began inside a classroom on the first floor. Science class-like. I went upstairs to go to the bathroom and as I was walking through the halls, I fainted. It was towards the one end of the hall and when I came to, two girls there helped me up. I was groggy and one of the girl put my arm around her shoulder or something similar to that and helped me walk. We walked downstairs and then took one of the doors outside, I told her I'd probably be ok and thanked her for helping me. I found Steven in the yard and this was the second time I found him around here in the dream. I was headed towards my class or just towards the direction of home and I found Y there. I asked Y where my stuff went, since I was gone for a while. And he said he didn't know

      I think I took a bus home after this.

      Undead Ruins

      I was right outside of a church or a church like building, maybe chapel. But I was on the right side of it. My consciouness transferred to the inside of the building. There was a princess there and I noticed someone hiding behind the closet. It was an assassin and his name was Ahaha. Basically the princess was targetted for her seat in the throne sort of deal. But the assassin Ahaha was dead so she made it out ok. Now I'm back outside the building, and I see another princess here. This was the third princess of this country and I told her that Ahaha was dead and that her plan failed. Suprisingly Ahaha was the prince of this country. I think he was the second prince.

      Heading out of the country now. We formed a company or just a group of us and headed to the nearby ruins. I was sort of far but not that far. I could still see the castle from there but it was far away. A hidden entrance way at the bottom of the mountain and a way out near the top. The under monster here was sort of like a zombie. Sort of blurry memories here, purged some undead and we were at top. There was like a board there and showed something. But we were going to head back to the kingdom or head to the next now. But before we went, I had some ability to materialize and bend metals so I did that to make weapons for the others there.

      -maybe the same area as the kingdom dreams lately

      Rock paper scissors
      I was on the second floor of a warehouse like building. Or a warehouse remodelled to be a sort of a loft. On the bed with a few others there. Our job here was some sort of bounty hunter and two of them were getting ready for their job. I just stayed there for a while until some ppl came. There was a party here today. Some little girl came up and wanted to do rock paper scissors. But she made up some specific rule. I did scissors and she did too, but she said that it was double RPScissors and that her scissors beat mine. Anyways we were deciding who was winning but the old man showed up. He was the boss of this place, a thing old man, with short white hair and a beard. He was asking us what we were doing and I told him about the double RPscissors rules. I was still skeptical of the rules and summoned the Grim Reaper, or something that looked like it. Basically and Elder spirit that would have all the knowledge that mere youngling mortals would never know. And hoped that he'd know every BS rules of it. Grim showed us the rules and advanced hand positions that would beat others. One was the holy hand sign, and that basically split the hand into 3 sections so you had 3 times the power apparently. The other one was the exact opposite. Well it was pretty much the same hand sign, but your fingers grew more fingers at the tip sort of like branches on a tree and it was called the unholy sign.

      After some time had passed we went on a van for a mission or something.

      Notes:I think I figured out what to do to be more lucid. I think it's related to consistency, balance and taking breaks.