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    3 spiritual rooms, escape giant

    by , 10-31-2019 at 03:24 AM (140 Views)

    3 spiritual rooms
    I saw inside a building that my friend took me to. Inside it was sectioned into different sort of sects or organizations or whatever you call it. I eneded up inside the right most parts of the building. The room I was currently in had some sort of indian religion or spiritual teachings. I went to the room next to this, the one that was right of the previous room. It had a much smaller crowd of people than before. There was a lady teaching there. It was a group of about 9 people doing their practices. I decided to head to the next room. This room was the last room to the very right. It had another larger group like the first one, it was a slightly different belief or whatever you'd call it.

    I tried mingling among the current one I was in. There wre about maybe 20-30 people in there. I forget why but I decided to go to another room. I head to the other large one. They were reading passages, taking turns to read them. My turn came up and I tried to read it. The old thin man there scolded me for reading it wrong. I think it was in some other language. He scolded me twice. I decided to leave.

    I'm back in the small room in between the 2 larger one again. The room began with some concrete like pavement and in a few steps you would see the raised floors of some tatami-like things that covered the ground. People sat on small mats, like the ones Japanese monks sat on during meditation. The teacher there welcomes me. She had a nice warm vibe. She had long black hair and light brown skin. There weren't as many students here but there was a sort of welcoming feel to all of them. I decided to stay here. She taught me some stuff...

    She was beautiful really; was it her... soul? Her vibes? Just something about her kept me there and practicing what she taught.

    *I think it just tells something about me. I'd often decided to try harder if a teacher was nicer. It didn't really matter what the topic was, but I just gravitated away from subjects if the person teaching it was not a person I was fond of. And vice versa.

    Fitness Comp/Race

    My friend dragged me away a bit later. It was a fitness competition or something where athletic people were going through racing courses. It had many different kind of obstacles and whatnot and upon each mini-goal they would cut off the contestants that were behind. I went through about 2 of these consecutive races before I become acquainted with a skin headed athlete.

    He seemed kind of like a jerk and was being a jerk. Totally amazing vocabulary I know. But he was a jerk. But towards the end of the race he pushes me, tells me to go on without him... He pushed me far enough to be in the top 5 and I made it. He was a good guy after all. Don't you make me teary eyed.

    I was now in the elite or the special parts of the competition. We had to jump over dangerous obstacles and what not. Finals were near.

    *Not sure why I dreamt this. Maybe from working out too hard.


    oct 30

    Escaping elevator/Giant
    The scene began inside an apartment. I believe it was bc. It was the crappy old beat up apartment with the old apartment smell. I remember hanging out with some friends in the lobby. I enter the elevator with some guy and we go up in the elevator. The elevator gets stuck and we're just stuck there for a while.

    *I recall a memory of being stuck in an elevator briefly. It it a real memory?

    I decided to get out of the elevator. I think I went above the elevator but couldn't get out so I dug out sort of a portal from the side of it. I think the guy with me also came along. The portal wasn't round. It was somewhat oval shaped but wasn't even since I dug it out pretty roughly.

    I walk across a wooden bridge and it's pretty old and beat up. There are cliffs around and it appears to be in the mountain range. Eventually I get to the other side of the bridge. It was some kind of a cave. An entrance on the side of the cliff. I head inside.

    I meet a giant who kind of holds me captive. In this dream I was a beautiful girl with brown hair I think. The giant tells me that he's gonna go and get some stuff to the nearby town or place or something and leaves. I wanted to get away and me and the guy from before decided to find a way to escape. Inside the cave was not really a cave. It was more like a small house with a really high ceiling. I think the height of the ceiling was double that of the width of the place. It was really high. And near the top of this cave to the right, was a small hold or window where I could escape.

    I get a hammer. I wooden hammer to smash things. I think I smashed the ground and stuff to get metal ores out of them. Just collecting ores.

    *This hammer looked Ike the one I made myself from the wood in the backyard. I used it to smash black walnuts so this is a memory of that. Earlier in the day I think there was one particular walnut that was really hard. It did frustrate me and I think that feeling of frustration was somewhat intense and buried itself into my mind.

    Smashing my way out. Did I feel maybe a little bad for leaving the giant alone? We leave though.

    I remember seeing a shop.

    Stuck in room

    Stuck in a room but finding ways to make the most out of it

    Tai chi
    It was weird. I was doing tai chi really. I know this is from trying out tai chi from earlier in the day. The sensations were what was weird. Somewhat lucid feeling but I was not lucid. What then? I think perhaps it was obe or something. I was just doing tai chi on top of the bed, not realizing and taking advantage of this opportunity to do something more interesting. But I did feel pretty good when I awoke though.

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