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    by , 04-04-2019 at 01:11 AM (55 Views)
    Facing greatest inner adversary, overcome, grow. Before sleep hungry didn't eat, shuld eat. Distracted days before, must Practice practice practice 10000%.

    1.Bliz building, 2 dollar 2 sale, chased, dress, friend's parents relatives misunderstanding, quantum theory, acceptance of who I am

    2. Hunt regen, friend Disney gatcha, lifetime pass

    3.climb apartment P Diana, mm selna, short hair stud

    4. Marriage counseling 2 couple, lady Dorianspirit counselor, gemstones, pink quartz rod cleanese darkness, recommended oxchicken herb health

    Brief lucid hand liquid

    Dream figure accept me?

    Very very close. Succeed!
    Super lucid always every dream
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