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    by , 09-24-2019 at 02:54 AM (71 Views)
    Empty place
    I was in some kind of place in between dreams.


    I dreamt that my mom and dad were talking.


    Babywipes, lucid

    I was in my bedroom. I got up and found my friend Y's backpack near the bed to the left. I open it up and find that it's mostly empty. The bag somehow expands into tent size; this makes me lucid. I am carefully inspecting what's inside th tent now and there's some baby wipes. I'd already took them out of the container so I thought might as well make use of it. I wiped my nether regions. However the skin on my body felt different, the skin felt more blob like or thicker or number kind of.

    Felt an urge to pee though,


    Not sure
    jotted down something about spiders by go, and amazon in US warehouse.

    Doctor & nurse/syringe Lucid

    I was laying on my bed and found 2 suspicious looking figure by my feet. It was a doctor and a nurse. The doctor was an old man with white hair and pretty thin, while the nurse was pretty young and carried black hair. They were trying to inject something into me via a pretty large syringe and I was pretty against it.

    I thought something was amiss and I am lucid. I thought that since this is a dream I'll probably be ok and calmed my nerves. I asked them to use a smaller needle. They took one that was smaller but I asked for a smaller one yet still.

    The nurse pricks my right arm on the soft side opposite of the elbow. I felt the needle prick in and it felt honestly much thicker and solid than it looked. I thought I'd run away right after the injection, or at least explore and check the place out. So I leave right after the injection, when they were distracted. I leave the room and headout. It was an apartment like building and I approach the elevator. It's gonna take too long so I head to the right. There's a bathroom there and I try climbing out the window, but alas the nurse was waiting on me as she was right ouside the window.

    Replay. I am back where I was earlier, approaching the elevator again. But this time instead of wasting time, I turn to the left. I find another kind of bathroom and immediately leave via the window. This time I fall down about 2-3 stairs of flight but I am ok. I run through the parking lot and into some tiny dwarf ornamental plants. The nurse was behind me and I was throwing balls of shadow, reminding of SF from dota. I wasn't strong enough so I sought to collect the souls of nearby plants by throwing shadowballs at them. Didn't feel like it was enough. But the nurse was beginning to distergrate a little though. SHe'd lost her human form and was more of a cloud like being now, with a little bit of human shape left. That's when the doctor also shows up, he is also in the cloud form and no longer in the human form.



    Something about a dead hog/pig. Eating coconuts, well it was more of like a coconut flavored snack like a chocolate pudding without the chocolate. I remember a few other eating it. someone died, yet he enjoyed his death, perhaps he was suffering.


    A dream about a family love between a big and small brother. The big brother was named Brian and he had become acquainted with an alien partner. It was under some kind of palm or coconut tree looking tree. So maybe the location is the same as previous dream. Brian leaves the somewhat caveman like community as they were not found of the alien. However they are caught by monsters outside of the town. After they escape, little brother tells the other villagers who were all by a bonfire to leave his big brother alone, and sorts things out.

    DJ on projector
    I was trying to DJ. It was being projected on a big screen as people were reading it. I kept writing it regardless though.

    improving it rather. I was making changes to a programming language, or improving it. Some found this disrespectful, or maybe they didn't want their sales to go down, so Jim called some people to get me. I was escaping the modern-day style assassins and went inside a bathroom.

    Few dreams
    missed here/repeated scene of previous dreams. Esp the "brothers" dream was replayed and played out a little differently.


    From mall to B?

    Light Dream

    I was just beginning to have dreams and my thoughts were directly causing the dream scenes to change, into what I was thinking about. Kind of like a mindfulness feeling or rather seeing the thoughts as a dream form with my eyes. Was close to lucidity likely, since I awoke right when I realized it.


    -My notes were pretty messy. It was the old jotting style where I just wrote some words down but they were gibberish. I will go back to the new writing style. It should help recall more and prettier writings are much easier to read.

    -I also had the lucids in earlier part of sleep.

    -I was actually stressed out about something the night before, but I did managed to get lucid. I think that's a pretty good sign that I'm improving my LD.

    -I also meditated before bed, perhaps a bit too long. It made me too aware of my body while falling asleep. Was I asleep? It's hard to say. I could tell that my body was falling asleep as the limbs felt like fat sausages. When I meditate too long I get this spinning or whirring sound/sensations kind of.
    One thing to note is that I do feel more refreshed after having this experience of "am I asleep" kind of feeling. Even though mentally I think I didn't get enough rest, I could tell that the body does feel more refreshed.

    -When I was meditating I also noted on something improving tremendously. Perhaps just noticing how the thoughts immediately affect dreamscape. Although I know this, it's becoming more and more apparent and this knowledge feels like it's getting ingrained in me.

    -Didn't dream about schools today, so maybe I got the lesson of the dream finally?

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