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    black peppercorns, dungeon, boss

    by , 03-27-2019 at 01:11 AM (318 Views)
    Might not have enough time to write everything so I'll just write what I can and add to it later if I can. It's nice to type on the pc, it's way faster than on the phone

    So I had 2 dreams I think. First one wasn't very clear so I don't recall it too well. Second one I believe was split into 3 parts so it could be considered 3 dreams, seperated by micro awakenings or so?

    So about the dream.

    +++dream1 to 3ish++

    So I was selling something to a dealer/merchant/noble. No, not drugs. As I tried to recall it harder throughout the day I believe it was spices or something similar. Although I felt like it's completely random upon further thought, I recalled that yesterday I was quite interested in black peppercorns in my dram last night. Sounds a little far fetched but the dreams are getting linked together! Very cool, would love to have continuation in dreams much like Hukif's DJ if I can choose to do that.

    So After Selling the peppercorn, I made a fortune. The setting was in a middle age europe kind of setting. It was times when spices were super expensive and worth more than gold. So yeah. I was balling.

    So around here my memory may be a little foggy I remember the details but I'm a little uncertain which happened first.

    So what happend was either I hired a bunch of people as my underlings or I began to explore a dungeon that was in that city.

    So maybe underlings aren't the right word. I just hired a bunch of people, either that or more likely they just became my followers and we formed a kind of a mafia/yakuza entity that was pretty powerful or something. Ofc I was the DON No we were not a evil illegal entity or anything but just not a standard entity. Maybe closer to being the final boss kind of deal, but we were totally good guys, I swear.

    Anyways I was deciding on who would becoming my right hand man or woman. I had this lady who ended up being my right hand. She was worried though that someone else might replace her position eventually and that I wouldn't give her the love she receives from me as her boss if she wasn't the right hand. I think she did end up being replaced but I assured her that I loved her all the same - mind you not romantic love totally just love of caring about someone else yep.

    So yeah I think the building he had was a japanese style old fashioned, with doors that you could open by sliding in one direction, rather than western doors where you pull or push. And the furnishing were of similar style; no huge furnatures and stuff, just a few mats that you could sit on.

    So our mission was to clear this dungeon that presided in the city. I'm unsure how many floors it had. But our goal was to reach to the bottom. I believe the closest range of floors it had was between 50 to 100 floors.

    I think the goal, which was to get to a treasure probably, is just my goal of Super Lucid Dreaming. Getting to the bottom of it or the treasure is achieving the GOAL!

    So as we were clearing the dungeon, we were doing some stuff that wasn't suppose to happen. We just skipped a bunch of floors to jump 20+ floors at a time towards the end, didn't manage to reach the end in the dream though. So we were finding glitches in the matrix or exploits much like in a game to get to our goal faster. Yep. Totally ethical and fair. Dungeon walls were brownish if I recall, A little earthy but solid.I think it was me and my right hand (the lady) who led the expedition. We'd get the ancient relic and proceed to WORLD DOM- just kidding.

    I think maybe around this part I replace my right hand. Didn't want her to get hurt or something maybe. She's plenty strong and competent but don't want to get all emotional if something happens.

    The scene ends here I think.

    Replay scene. Selling stuff again. But this time I get a bad noble or something who tries to rip me off. He offered 1/4 of a cent per some unit of measurement for my goods. I get mad and flip everything off. I think ended up getting a good nobleman who sorted things out and punished the bad one. Now I am uncertain whether I went to a dining room to dine with him in the beginning of the dream or at the end, but when I met the good noble (I think he invited me for food, either at home or at office dining room), it was a maroon or dark red kind of dining room. Relatively small, without any extravagant furnishing but you could clearly tell that everything was of high quality. The tables and chairs were of similar dark maroon color that matched the room.

    The dream ends here probably+++

    So if I was to use my imagination to piece it all together. Last night I've released my emotional blocks, found black peppercorns. The black peppercorns (whatever it represented), helped me raise funds for my expedition. And my expedition was into a deep underground dungeon that where I would discover my treasure/goal - Super Lucid Dreaming.

    So I also practiced a little Gravity RC today, it was pretty awesome. I kept getting the urges to try it out so I did. I realized it came naturally to me and it was similar to a personal meditation method that I did year prior. Anyways the two connected and I had this strange moment when I went to pee in the bathroom. I just began to feel the gravitational force in everything around me, inside my organs, outside my body. Pretty interesting. Also trying a new breathing method. I'm stacking the two together. If I do one, I will try to do the other.

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    1. ZenLD's Avatar
      Forgot to add that skipping the level, probably signifies taking the fast track to my goal.