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    by , 07-08-2020 at 02:37 AM (61 Views)
    I was lucid briefly in one of the dreams but I barely remember it right now. Maybe as I write out dreams I will recall it more and more.

    Teacher's lounge
    I was inside the Japanese school again. IT's the exact same one, the same classroom I'm sure. This time I was packing my stuff, preparing to like clean up, for the end of the year or to leave the school. Mostly scrap papers, cleaning my desk. I was thinking about calling back home and as I was leaving, I found my friend M in the room next to the classroom. We were in the next room and this room was a teacher's lounge with some tables, couches and stuff like that, maybe some snacks.


    Origiri Test
    I was in a class or something, taking a test. But before that I was eating an onigiri or Japanese rice ball. Then I took the test.

    Brief Lucid
    says (room)?

    Arena Snakes
    I was inside a jungle. It was some sort of survival situation or a survival game. I was with some folks and went deeper into the jungle. In the middle there was a small arena where people fought. As I was leaving I saw snakes on the floor, a little scared. Some snakes were going after people. One snake, without a body, just the head of a snake came at me or the person next to me. This area I was in was sort of a pit, like a sort of a caved in part of the ground like \____/ . Where the middle of that sat the arena. It was just dirt floor and the ground above it were mostly grass.

    Neville Class
    I was in a class. Not Japanese one. I was in the back of the class and sat with my friends of this dream. We got our tests back and were comparing our scores. I got a perfect or something and was elated but I noticed I did bad on the part 2 of the exam, I think I did average on the third part. I think I know what this represents. But anyways There were some magazines or something that was showing ads for classes taught by our teacher of this classroom, Neville. I was interested in this class in the ads (old ads, from years back), and I wanted to ask him if he was still teaching these. As I was preparing to get to him, I couldn't find the ad, it just got lost in the stack of magazines or newpapers that I had. And the class door was, I could see that the outside of the class was getting clamoured with students for the next class.


    I'm not sure if the test dream and the last dream are related. Could be.

    I think the test result from the last dream represents like a certain aspect of self development.

    Also I think these class dreams could represent something. The Japanese ones. I think they were all in the same classroom on the upper floor. That one, or particular location was when I had to leave Japan back then. Into a foreign land and foreign language. And perhaps that was a traumatic event, or just sad repressed feelings I had back then. I didn't talk about it with anyone and just kept it all to myself. And even if I could talk to someone, there was no one really there. I guess I was sad. I guess I was repressing my feelings. The inner child remembers. I want to let go though. And maybe I thought that I could let go by either graduating from this particular school in my dreams. Maybe that should be a dream goal I thought, to graduate from the school in Japan, then I can let go of it and dream more interesting things.

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