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    by , 02-20-2020 at 11:40 PM (123 Views)
    Dreams today


    I dreamt about the ghost hound, and about a spear. It's a web novel series that I started reading recently.
    Girl +girlfriends

    I am still recalling the dream. But I had an exact same dream note from yesterday so it could be the same thing. I wanted to recall the dream from yesterday and I guess thinking about it made me dream it.
    Mom reno house

    My mom was working on renovating a house for someone. I was inside a nicely decorated house with a modern feel. I explored around the house before leaving. I forgot to turn off the lights and heard the person's positive review on the job done as I was still in the house. I was worried about forgetting to turn off other lights abs tried my best to turn them all off.
    Touching knee

    I was on bed and my thoughts reached out and touched or vibrated the edge of my knee. It was close to the onset of wild but needed one more push to wild.
    Level 30

    Related to first dream, i was level 30 or so.
    Class girl math

    I was inside a classroom trying to learn advanced algebra or so. I was honestly frustrated and thought about giving up and dropping the class. One of the girl there who had the cloth on her head, is it called burka? She calmed me down and stuff as I pushed our desks together to her group.

    -had a memory about this girl earlier in the day, resulting in this dream likely.
    Alligator race

    It was like a hotel room but a bit different. A resting spot for pro gamers in China apparently. There was a well known guy there and he wanted to play the slots beside the computer to the left. He put about 99 tokens in but it didn't work properly. The ppl there said they'll reimburse him later. I watched him load up the game client and he put about 4.75$ on his account. I was curious about how the interface worked here in China compared to here since it seemed to work much better. He explained something.

    I take a look to the right and there was a TV on the wall. There was a live event going on and alligators were released on celebs. They were running away from the gators. It was an overhead view of somewhere outdoors, and there were partitions that separated the race tracks from outside. Perhaps not really a race but a survival thing,it merely looked like a race track.

    The camera switches to look at another part of the event. It was a narrow hallways indoors and a girl who was a celeb was there. There was a gator approaching from far to the left and I was a bit worried about her as she appeared to be sort of stuck.

    My consciousness was transferred to her body then and I realized that I had to act fast. I found a tiny storage closet right in front and barely enough to fit me. I closed the door behind me and felt the gators tackling against the solid wood door as I pressed back against it. Worried if the door would even last.

    I remembered that I could do the impossible and decided to summon a chocolate gun - it would turn whatever I shot into chocolate. So I got out and shot the mouth of the gator to the right and its mouth turned chocolate.

    -I remembered a memory about a lady who was feeding gators in a farm earlier in the day and I think this was the source of the dream.
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