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    by , 10-08-2019 at 05:38 AM (76 Views)
    Life of stars


    advanced fights, people shooting and dying. Bodies got fused together. Demon women were feeding on humans.


    In Japanese style castle renovated as a mall. Top floor had a small casino. I played the slots and won. Went to covert token to cash. Stopped by a lady with glasses. She thought I cheated. Claimed some prize for now. I head towards a different place with books. Finds a girl who was reading there and we talk and get along. She also had troubles with the lady prior. We were talking the the previous woman throws something us at an incredible speed. I reflexively blocked it with something in my hand.

    It was about 3 ninja stars. They were black, steal or iron. Likely tempered at low Temps to reduce cracking while sacrificing hardness. The stars I held in my hand to block with were all bent sideways around the triangle blades. What she threw at me was something like a thick knife. It was silver in color and 1 or 2 inches wide. What massive strength.

    Our attacker was trying to stop us from digging further about the establishment and was trying to kill us. I tell the book girl to run. She does so to my left. We cover a small distance before she was hit with the silver throwing knife and it struck her in the abdomen, creating a sizable hole that was moist and spreading with scarlet liquid.

    Immediately carry her and jump down the balcony. The building was Square and the whole outer square was surrounded by a balcony on each layer. So I jump down one floor to the one below and ran towards the inside of the building and we were still chased. I jump down another floor and do the same. Around the third time I think that it would use good to jump multiple floors now as I've put a small pattern in her head that though we were jumping then running around. I jumped down all the floors one by one until I got to the bottom.

    On the asphalt ground now I fled with the girl. I wanted her to live. I must! I ran but we were now chased by a miniature racing car that had the attacker from earlier now she had transformed into full demon. I attack the round glass drivers window before we crashed.

    There was now an ambulance here and I rode it with the girl, hoping she'd be saved.


    We changed the scenes but the plot continued. I was by my lonesome now and I was in an open field with tents. It was some kind of outdoor event like a concert or hippie festival.

    Now I was out to crush the organization behind the previous dream. They were a cult that were up to no good and their eyes were everywhere. Even here. A couple of them follows me and I notices this.

    I head into one of the larger tents with a store or something inside. They were also there. X was there, he was one of the members as well. He said that they would get me and began to attack me.

    I jumped on top of him and he aimed his fingers at my eyes. Before he could reach me I gouged both his eyes, a distinct muffled popping sound. He still was laughing and said that he would kill me as long as he was alive and as he went to attack, I grabbed the gun on his waist and popped the 2 shots into both of the family jewels.

    I noticed the cult members surrounding me so I head out the tent to the left entrance. There were other cultists outside still...

    I morphed my body and my gender and they lost track of me. I morphed likened upon a small plant, imps were aroud me describing my current features.


    I was running. Am I running from my dreams? Is that what the nightmare is telling me?

    I'm scared. But what am I really afraid of? I did some digging. It was I guess.. Fear of feeling being not good enough.
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