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    Demon king, dark angel

    by , 06-18-2019 at 11:33 PM (145 Views)
    I had a pretty fun dream or dreams but they weren't lucid .What did I do differently ? One thing that was different was that i had more of a one long sleep period without wbtb while everything else was the same. I did awake in between but went back to sleep immediately. Maybe the eating pattern was also different. Spent more time Indoors as well.

    Dream :
    I first dreamt that I was eating food with classmates we ate just food and stuff for an afternoon. The last thing I ate was an ice cream shaped like banana where you could squeeze out ice cream. Pretty tasty.

    I was a demon king of some sort after getting defeated I think. Lost contact with followers and I had I collect the 12 elemental orbs (fire water nature etc .) to gain powers. Just going on adventures in different places to find them . One particular old tower had evil priests guarding the orb of darkness it was a purple black orb that was a little bigger than an walnut that gave a very beautiful lustre from within. Had procured about 4 or 5 of them in the end I think.

    In the part 2 of the dream I was the right hand of the previous demon king. I was a dark angel or fallen angel with black wings also on the quest of recovering orbs. There were old buildings and I encountered a big priest tall and pretty wide. I had to escape from him. He was really quick for his size but I had my pitch black wings. I just shook all my body s might and flew slowly. Had to level up my stats but decided to do it later since I did seem to be able to get away from my enemy although barely.

    -influenced by some story

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