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    Demon school test

    by , 03-26-2020 at 04:10 AM (94 Views)
    Big meat

    Dream about a tan guy cooking big slabs of meat or steaks. No meat dye just natural meatiness getting bbqed.

    I remember thinking about bbq the day before.

    Demon school test

    I was at the demons school and was taking an exam or test. It was a writing exam or memorization thing and I had to move across a super long vertical scroll of texts that ran for like 1km or half a mile. Didn't have time to read it slowly, just tried to memorize in a glance. At the end of the scroll was a different version of the same thing, but were drawn by someone so it was easier to remember. The texts or image was about the history of the demons and how they'd had a big demon invading a city in the past sort of thing. Basically this was all just a history class.

    May be continuation of other demon school dreams.

    Burnt face
    I was in house #25 and ppl came over to play. I saw my gramps downstairs and after eating at the table, he showed me that he had built a pc all by himself. Looking super proud did he, this computer was huge but mostly empty space inside the case. Was about to go play and noticed my face was burnt. Went upstairs to continue my activities though. We played some sort of board game.

    Sliced off shield

    Just recall slicing off bits of shield with wind magic or something similar against a knight that held it. It was the top two corner of the shield.
    Time dilation

    I remember practicing time dilation on a rooftop.

    Movie class

    A class but was watching a movie. I was picked on by some kids but a real cool badass girl in the class came by and rescued me.

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