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    Demons school, encampment

    by , 05-05-2019 at 11:18 PM (28 Views)
    Demon school

    I was at a school for demons. The building resembled q elementry school at o. Everyone was very nice, honest and fun to hang out with. I was in the class room and made a couple of friends. One girl was a succubus and another girl was good at fighting, the guy was good at axes. The fighter girl was very attractive objectively speaking. I explored the hallways and ended up elsewhere.

    A bathroom not like a toilet but a large bath circular one that's like a large jacuzzi. The room was very pure white and felt serene like a temple. The guy and the succubus girl are doing it. I don't feel like it but was pressured I wearily comply. Change scene to another place. Someone's home, one of the students? Do it again. Wasn't anything special both times.

    Back to school and I'm in a class. There's some fight going on. One bad guy was really messing everyone else up. Body parts limbs and digits cut off. I just piece together body parts to whatever is nearest each person. I approach the guy and immediately I lose a finger. I fuse together the nearest finger, the fighter girl to my hand. She got my finger I think. I really wanted my finger back. Eventually I defeat the trouble maker but he gets away. I put back the right body parts back to everyone. I was really glad to have my own beautiful finger back.


    I listened to monroe. Stayed on focus 12 problem solving state. I asked for easiest quickest most fun way to be always lucid as I closed my eyes and visualized.

    Hypnogigic stuff. I just saw things and kept seeing plants and tree branches. It vanished when my eyes twitched but I kept trying. Instead of trying to avoid twitching and getting bothered, I tried to embrace it and maintain it with twitch. I tried to visualize plants and worked well. And I went into a dream.


    I was at an encampment made of wood. Like medieval style I think. I was looking out the entrance while I played with a child. I see some guys out there it gets me worried and I tell the kid to get away. An arrow comes our way. The kids big brother comes and i tell them to run away. We keep running and I try to run slower than them so they get away. I found an old man to the left and I tell him to get back inside. The child trips and I get him forward really fast. They're all inside now so I don't have to hide my powers any longer.

    I stare at the door to the sleeping quarters and watch for the invaders to come. I realize that I'm dreaming and become lucid. Get a little worried /excited and dream gets destabilized. I try to rub my hands as dream breaks apart. See darkness. Then I see a muscular body probably of the soldier.


    Could sleep longer probably

    I the first dream was pretty cool

    Something about embracing the eye twitch or inner eye blinking felt very important. Maybe it's letting go of frustration or something. Hard to describe.

    *Maybe I tried to induce image while purposefully twitching to practice. I think that worked and made subsequent hi more stable.

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