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    dog, mma

    by , 10-06-2019 at 05:52 AM (76 Views)

    I was in the house that looked like #25. I had a dog and I was just hanging out with the dog for a while. I went up to the bedroom to lay down after a while and the dog tried to get on the bed. It had a generous amount of dirt and mud on it and I was a bit worried about the bed getting dirty. But I thought oh well and let it climb on the bed. Maybe A hint of awareness. Anyways the dog gets on the bed and it wasn't dirty any more. I just stay there for a bit and was there someone else on the bed? Maybe.

    After a while I decided to get off and the dog follows me. There's some kind of animal in a box and it's a rat! Or a mouse, a bit worried that the house is infested by rats.

    game center -> mma

    I was in some sort of an arcade mall. It had about 4 floors or something and the main entrance was one of those where there were no floors and the ceiling went way to the top. Not sure what to call that. Anyways I am going around it looking for people to play with. There were 2 black haired girls there and we began playing something. I got bored of it and went elsewhere. I went up the escalator to one of the upper floors and was transported to Japan. I think there was a desire to go there. A desire to eat!

    I met an old Japanese man with short white hair. He looked like a typical okinawan with very tan skin. He was running a food stall with many different kind of foods. He calls me over and hands me what he says is the best stuff at the moment - Seafood, that's in season. It was a large shrimp. Very large, almost lobster sized. It was shrimp sashimi basically and it had a lovely plump texture with slight sweetness of shrimp. I was in ecstasy, a foodgasm for sure. The perspective of the dream beings to shift now though. I begin to see it in a third person.

    I see a young man who was entering fights. Not sure exactly what kind. I'll just say it was MMA, because it was boxing at times, and wrestling at other times. I think it had mostly wrestling feel. He was winning his fights and things seems to be progressing smoothly. But then the girls from the previous arcade shows up. They wanted to sabotage him and his fighting conquest. They put him under sleep with anesthesia and took him to some back-alley surgeon. They operated him an gave him a plastic surgery. It was a breast augmentation or a pectoral muscle surgery. Just the chest looked bigger. He went into the next fight and still won though. This frustrated the chubby girl though.


    things to focus on while wake
    -be active
    -have/remember a goal
    -be aware (of actions)
    -eat stuff (2 eggs)

    Do this:
    Stop, listen, focus(breathe), remember.

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