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    Fairy queen, Thrithe

    by , 10-22-2019 at 05:33 AM (110 Views)
    I decided to type out the dreams since I couldn't sleep and also because one of the dreams were way too cool for me at least. It deserved to be typed out.

    I'm also thinking of just recording DJs as an audio file. With just a few keywords typed as a way to sort it while going in details and expanding it in recordings.

    Oct 21,2019

    Skeptical Jump

    It was right after I'd eaten dinner and I was very sleepy so I decided to head to bed. I had an urge to sleep in a different bed so I did so. I recall waking up a couple of times before a slightly stronger awakening. I could have woken but I decided to head back to sleep. I began to get very hot in the chest/solar plexus area but I just ignored it and was admant to get back to sleep.

    Not too long after I began to get some noise in my head and I began to focus on it. I was pretty persistent about it and after some time it became louder, then eventually began to vibrate. It was the familiar vibration stage if you will and I began to feel slight unease but I had experienced it many times before so I just simply told myself that "you enjoy this" because you know it's followed by very interesting experiences most of the times. So all the negativity just melted away as I braced myself for the next event. But alas nothing really happened and the sensations began to wane as I lay atop the bed. I was skeptical though, however, that I may have AP'ed or WILDed so I just imagined myself rolling out of the bed. Not much happened for some time but I kept going and I fell out of bed in the end. Sensations felt normal and it was dark, I still had doubts though; so I decided to head out the bedroom and things were still dark and normal so I thought I'd be able to tell if I'm dreaming if I head outside. I went outside to the backyard and jumped. I instantly reached max velocity and shot like a beam of light into the sky. I was certain now and completely lucid.


    I was transported elsewhere after the jump though. I was now inside what looked like an Audi minivan or something similar. I was in the backseat and my dad was driving that car. I still maintained some lucidity from before but I wasn't certain if I was dreaming for sure. My thinking was that if I paid attention like the previous event I might get something to confirm my suspicions but this time I was wept up by the dream plot and lost lucidity eventually. Outside the car was what appeared to be an extravagant chinatown. Very interesting and lavish structures surrounded the main road and perhaps there was some festival going on. We pick up my mom in a little bit. As we keep driving down the road there was an asian girl there whom we picked up. I don't know who she was but she got on the car on the seat to the front left. Keep on driving down and eventually we come across some blockade or a something. It was like a border wall/gate that went into China I think. There were some chinese men there dressed like police. We stopped and got out, there was a glass wall that stopped us from progressing further and my dad pressed his passport against the glass.

    FA DJ

    I was on the bed and tried to DJ the previous dream but the phone acted weird. Well it acted pretty normal and I had trouble taking notes about the dream.

    I awoke then DJ'ed on the phone, it was just like that FA, had trouble with apps to DJ.

    University escalators

    I was in some university building it appears. It was structured like a mall and I remember riding many escalators. There were some unscrupulous girls there. There was ML, and Amy whom I consider to have disgusting personalities objectively speaking. There was a girl with glasses hanging out with them. I remember that we were eating sushi and dropped one to the ground. They got mad that I spilled the sushi and called the cops on me. I get away. I also met Mike on the way out.

    Large Dome

    Likely continuation of previous dream. I'm uncertain if they were 1 dream or were separated. It was the same university area and I was exploring the building. I was suppose to head to my dad's office or something and I found myself in a very large dome like structure at the right most part of the university campus. It was a futuristic structure with an elevator that was unlike ones we have now. It was a circle. A pretty big circle. If you went to the middle of the circle it would move up or down instantly. And there was another elevator on top that went sideways that helped you move across the campus with ease. I found my dad using the sideways elevator. I remember the glasses girl from the previous dream somewhere in the dream initially, don't recall her too much.

    ~I also remember being in this campus inside a dream before. It was a little different though but I am certain it's the same location. But it was before I went on DV I'm sure, so perhaps a dream from about a year ago.

    notes I might have missed about dream: Large dome building glass girl dad 7th floor elevator.
    Instant vertical elevator presence planet.

    Richard's dad's house

    I found myself in Richard's dad's house. It was mostly empty and boring and there appeared to be some BBQ or something going on. But there were barely any guests though. I just remember the house was much larger than how it was 'suppose' to be and I explored the house. The pool was much larger too, I suppose it was maybe half an acre sized pool, perhaps a little smaller. I ate some purple fermented food, likely beets. There was also diarrhea in the pool...

    Opening locked door

    I forget the contents. But I opened a locked door! IS THIS THE LOCKED DOOR THAT WERE IN MY LUCID NIGHTMARES?

    Slave girl
    A dream about a girl being enslaved. Just a short vision I think.

    Extravagant weapon

    Some kind of extravagant and golden weapon like a staff. It's similar to the chinatown theme from the first dream I think. A wooden staff adorned with much gold and colorful reds might be more accurate.

    Cheating in poker, caught.

    Inside a mall or something, similar or could be the campus area from previous dreams. I found some friends playing poker at the casino in the end of the hall. I saw Wolf there, I think it was Wolf with someone else. Maybe it wasn't Wolf, it was Carl. They were clearly cheating on poker as I watched them from the sides. I approached the table and began cheating as well; not out of will but it felt more liek a dream plot. The dealer caught me and we were chased out. Went outside the casino and still chased us.

    Something happens in the end I forget. Maybe I saw Mike there again.

    Quebec Border

    I was driving down the Quebec, and eventually get to a small office that was related to border office or employment. I somehow drove the car inside the small office and it was stuck there. People inside thought not much of it and proceeded to their activities. I looked up some job ads but someone to my left told me they were bad jobs (red light district sort of) and I saw visions of it and wanted to leave now.

    But my car was still stuck inside the office and there were people standing near the entrance so I wasn't sure how to get out of here. I had some small chocolate candy shaped like a ball so I gave it to people near the counter and asked them to help me. Then I gave some to the people near the entrance to ask them to move away for abit. They cooperate and I manage to get the car out the front entrance.

    Border topic related to the first dream.

    Frozen School

    I was inside a campus of a cool looking school. It was beautiful really and large. There were white buildings and a very large schoolyard adorned with beautiful white stones structures and pavements of some sort like the greek buildings with generous amounts of lush greenery and it was very cool. I get the impression that it was a highschool building but I am uncertain. There was something very... interesting about the place. I can't quite describe it.

    After spending some time in the school there was some calamity that freezes the whole school and the students within it. I head out to find a solution to the problem.

    House #34, Fairy Queen, Thrithe

    I was exploring to find a way to solve the previous predicament. Eventually I ended up in the area of the previous home, house #34. It wasn't exactly how I remembered it. It was the same street, that was for sure. The white asphalt sidewalks, I'm not exactly sure what that's made of but this particular sidewalk had a very clean white and a certain hue that wasn't in other streets.

    It appears to be the future, as I now see an apartment building where the house #34 used to be. It was maybe not exactly an apartment but more like a lot or whatever you call those things where artists and people often use as offices. Multi-storied building where there's only a single large room inside. I was approaching this apartment like building and I noticed some very strange plant-tree thing with many needles sticking out of it. The nedles were pretty long I say about a foot and a half, 20-30 cm long and 1/2 cm wide. The plants began to shoot these needles at me as I approached the building but I decided to go anyways. I was stabbed by quite a few of them before I got through the entrance.

    It was an empty first floor, a single square renovated hall that looked abandoned. I went up the stairs, one or a few flights before I found some signs of people. I was still injured and I was glad to find some people, perhaps they could help treat my injury or something. They were all female or at least female looking beings. I think that they were not human. Likely similar to elves but I'm pretty sure they weren't elves. I asked for their help and they gladly decided to help me after sensing that I appeared to have a good energy or something.

    They helped me out and decided to teach me about things. I guess about them. They walked me through the building and it was a sort of hideout or something. It was pretty big inside and eventually I come across some cages. They showed me some familiars, and wanted to teach me to summon them. They were behind these small cages, and some large cages and told me to call out it's name.

    ~I'll call them nymphs, instead of they now. Since I feel like it's closest understanding or idea of them I can conjure at the moment.

    I remember the first familiar I saw was a frost spirit of sorts. There were also faries there and the nymphs told me to try to summon them by calling out their name. I called out it's name and I managed to summon it through the cage. I forgot the name now though. What the nymphs have shown me so far were lesser familiars and as I kept threading deeper into the building I began to see more powerful familiars there. Those ones weren't really caged; well they were in cages but the impression that you got was that they were too lazy to get out of it or were pretty comfortable by how they were taken care of so they didn't bother escaping at all.

    Large golden bars. Behind them was the Fairy Queen. She was brightly shining in neon green that was slightly towards somewhere in the middle of green to yellow-green spectrum. Shaped like a butterfly. The nymphs weren't there. I began to feel the energy around it and emulated the same energy frequency within myself. Until our frequency was one. Just resonate in the same frequency and she'd come to help me. We'd connected and I managed to summon the Fairy Queen. She had taken a liking to me. I called out to her and she was now on the other side of the cage with me.

    There were some very tight ,square cages to the left of where I was now. They were serpentine beings. The nymphs tried to avoid them. I looked at the snakes there. I tried to call out to them by sound. I mimicked their sounds by going "thhh."

    The serpents all looked at me; they moved their head an followed their gazes to whichever directions I moved. I was intrigued for a moment but immediately one of them escapes the tiny cells by their own volition and power. It was one lively serpentine familiar. It appeared to have been attracted to my energy and came at me. It circled around me and for a moment. It wanted to form a bond or something and before I could respond another one had escaped. This one was, much much more powerful. It was dry-dirt brown colored serpent familiar and it wanted to drive away the previous one. I was a little nervous for a moment but I calmed down as I sensed no hostility towards me, apparently I had good compatibility with serpentine familiars. I communicated with the brown one with my energy to calm down. It decided to listen to me and it's energy coiled around my right arm, meanwhile the previous green-ish serpent decided to take the left side. I was wearing the 2 familiar like a bracelet or an armlet. They decided to settle there. The brown serpent, it's name, was Thrithe.

    I tried calling out the familiars as a practice. First I called out the fairy queen and she proceeded to help me. Then I called out the serpents, Thrithe. Everything worked well.

    I was back at the frozen school now. And it began to unfreeze. People began to unfreeze. The icy snow-like surface melted and the students there began to question their surrounds. Why was it frozen/snowy here? The scene appeared to be near summertime as a context with very bright sun. But the rest of the ice and snow melted quickly after. Perhaps vaporized is a better word here and it left no traces of water, so I suppose they were maybe dry frozen like dry ice. It all happens very fast and everyone thought it must've been just their imagination. Their sense of doubt had evaporated, just like the ice that surrounded them merely a moment ago.

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