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    Food factory on island

    by , 03-21-2020 at 03:56 AM (52 Views)
    I just smiled as I lay on the bed.

    I found myself laying on a wide couch or bed and I realized that I was dreaming. I couldn't see my hands so I rubbed them and tried to make them appear. I began to feel my hands and a thin white outline was beginning to form around them. But i also felt my body on the physical bed and the two sensations overlapped. I woke and deilded a few short bursts again with same difficulty manifesting my hands. These appeared to be in the same house but I was in the hallways or in the livingroom looking towards the hallway.

    Food factory
    I find myself on the edge of an island and it's a sharp cliff behind me. The island was steep on top of the hill, shaped like Japanese pudding and the flat land on the top was grassy with greenness. I was lucid. I found a small warehouse in front looked kind a restaurant but couldn't find the entrance. I was floating on air looking to the other side of the building and back. The entrance was at the back towards the middle of the island. Inside it was dusty and I found many old out of service machine there. Maybe cobwebs and just abandoned. These were food production machines and I wanted to see how they were while they worked. So I decided to rewind time here and reverse things there. The machines started working making machine noises and it made food. I think it was like hotdog. I can't remember if ppl showed up to see what was the ruckus.

    Jess pokemon

    Jess was playing video games at the end of the dream he was lending me video games to play. He was in a classroom in the front of the class. He was lending me Pokémon.

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