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    good little plan

    by , 03-18-2020 at 10:53 PM (87 Views)
    I was in a party and saw JC, the mystic there. It was a dinner party in what seemed like a traditional asian restaurant with round tables on dark colored carpets. They had some food and were celebrating something. They were trying to take group photos but his powers made him invisible on cameras, they just fuzzed out like mosaic. I approached him and wanted to ask him about something... but he just said,

    "good little plan for abundance."

    I was confused, because I wasn't trying to get info on money and I didn't recall any plan regarding it, so I kept trying to pester him, following him into another store but that was all.

    Maybe abundance could have been more than just about money. I do recall plans, a plan for my growth and a plan for some money.

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