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    Grandma pirates

    by , 04-23-2019 at 12:42 PM (34 Views)
    Recall was not the best, was tired.

    About things somehow all working out.

    Incubated by a thought the night before.

    driving a car with kids, going somewhere. Likely downtown t.

    I haven't gone there in a long time. Likely connected to previous dream.

    Dreamed about game wc3 at first. Eventually encountered pirates along a hall. Engage them.

    Incubated from: playing game, had too much time from polyphasic. Pirate likely by the icon of a dv member after replying to post before sleep.

    I tried to record my DJ really hard in the dream. Was in dream bed. Exhausted. I did manage to write it. I think I was in the old house #34. I went to basement looking for something. I found my grandmother who is deceased. Just hang with her a while. There's a doorbell and I'm expecting a package from Amazon the mailman hands me the package.

    Incubated by :
    I think my grandma died while I lived in that house.
    Trying to record DJ hard... I think i can put the energy to better use. Perhaps to rc, or aware/mindful would be definitely lucid.
    Amazon, ordered something from Amazon. Also wanted to buy something. Was a little disappointed when I realized I didn't order anything to get delivered lol.


    Incubation period almost instant still. What would be the best thing to incubate for Ld?

    Master that "feeling"

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