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    Hands grabbing, baby me ld

    by , 08-16-2019 at 03:44 PM (69 Views)
    On 24min nap

    I sad in a sort of an old dormitory like place. I was with my friend Mike moving about in the building while I had a false awakening. I was being grabbed by hands out of nowhere while on bed and had another FA. Kind of scary. The feeling was familiar and i was lucid. Expected more hands but told myself it was OK. Dream scene changed. I was Pa. I found a baby me that looked so cute and hugged it. In a pool like area. I could teleport via intent to where I looked while grabbing bby me. Had to get baby me away from bad ppl. Baby me was just there chilling happy, derping. Dream goes back to the dorm area, some friends present.

    Likely degrading lucidity towards the end.

    Forgot about dream goals.

    Also dreamt of going back into my body earlier nap.

    Will log lds weeks ago when time comes.
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