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    Haunted house, Jamaican sausage

    by , 09-29-2019 at 03:44 AM (114 Views)

    Boxing a smart russian guy. I moved to dodge his punch and I moved and awoke.


    I was at some store, moving in dream made me move again. Something about trying to establish boundaries.

    Thirst lucid?

    I was telling someone I was going to sue them for 40k. It was at a party or something. He did something. I forget.

    Also There was Sab and another girl on the bed with me. I wanted to sing for them so I sang. However I was pretty perched and I drank some water. But this didn't quench my thirst. I drank again, and once more. By the third time I thought I had to "wake" to drink some water... Wake


    Happy vs NE trolling

    Haunted School

    I was in some class. Elementary. Could be Japanese or not, was hard to tell. There were some people that were doing something that made me uncomfortable. So I decided to karate chop their heads off. This made the school haunted and wherever I went inside the school, they would scare me from a random angle. It was not that pleasant. Sab was present in this dream. I remember having one or two followers in this dream. I forget what it was about but I think it was related to supernatural stuff.

    Son of Hero

    I dreamt about a son of a great hero. He wasn't super powered like his dad because he wasn't related by blood. But he made it up by being part robo so he was strong in the end.

    Stranded on island

    I was stranded on island with some friends and family for a while. Went around the island to discover some furnitures and stuff, thought they weren't much use for building a boat. Saw some palm trees. Wondered about stuff for a while, about how it would the future be like being stuck on this island.

    Heavy school stuff, Jamaican Gourmet

    I was at some school, appeared to be Q school. Perhaps same school as the one above. But not in japan though. I was apparently just transferred there and went into classes. I got lost pretty easily. It sucked. I had way too much school stuff in my backpack and it was really heavy and I was lost in everything as the other kids went to the next class, I was just lost. I didn't know what to do wit hthe stuff I had or what these text books were. It was simply unpleasant. I just grabbed a few stuff and the backpack was so heavy. I thought about how convinient it would be to just have all these useless books on a tablet instead. Modern technology is great sometimes.

    I went downstairs to the first floor to find my locker. It was to the left side of the school and I had trouble finding my locker. I somehow wmanaged to find it in the end though. I opened my locker. All the other kids using the locker around my area were all girls for some reason. I'm still anguished trying to figure out what to put in the locker and what to keep with me. After a while of this i decided to put the whole bag in. I took about 4 dollars into my pocket for lunch. I headed for cafeteria.

    The cafeteria had many stores. I started with the counter to the right. The food didn't look very promising I asked the dark haired turkish looking man to give me a taste of the sausage before buying it for lunch. He got pretty mad and I just proceeded to the store to the left. They were all like this. All shitty and not so appetizing looking food. But I wasn't ready to give up. I kept going until it was nearly the end. Perhaps it was the last store.

    There were some Jamaican looking fellow who had a pleasant vibe about him. The sausage cost $4.80 thought, and I wasn't sure if I had enough. I told him this and he gave me a sample to try still. I did so and it was quite delicious. He said $4 was ok and proceeded to compile my food among others. I was at the end of the line and there were some coffee and cream. I was about to take a sip but they told me it was for the older man before me.

    Wake, I wanted to drink so went back

    Then the Jamaican man from before served me something for a kid. It was a blend of sesame seeds and cream like drink. The sesame seeds have been grided into bits and were mixed with something like cream. It was splendid. It was rich, creamy, starchy and a little sweet. I savored this drink and was excited about what my meal would be like.

    Ping pong

    I was playing ping pong and as I went for the smash it moved my physical hand and I awoke.


    Felt like I spent 3 afternoons.

    I think some dreams were based on what I did earlier that day; haunted = zombie game. While the Heavy backpack stuff were based on some memory I needed to release. I recall a previous memory dreaming about shitty food. That was highschool though, and in the dream the food became good in the end. This was in elementry school #5, and the food becoming awesome in the end could be helping to let go of shitty school or food related traumas!

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