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    How do i get better?

    by , 04-06-2019 at 06:41 PM (49 Views)
    Maybe juggled too much, too much med, grc visualization. Lacking rem.

    Had a very short lucid moment. 2 dreams recalled.


    In a hall by supermarket or mall. Friend t goes and splats yellow paint on people to enact a movie scene. People are not impressed. I get painted. I go in the mall to find something to neutralize it. For extinguishers and some other spray. Some friends use it and there aren't enough. Writing an assignment here for some reason.

    I look around and find sticks. The jerk store clerk wants me to hurry up. He tries to sell me 800$ stick. He takes a break. I find 80$ stick that was better. It could fold up or extend with a button. Buy it. Another nice clerk helps me. Heads out.

    Perhaps related to experiences of pressure sales. And friend painting is trying to make others around conform in a certain way.

    Dreaming about meeting people on dreamviews. In a small room green/white theme, people are trying to get lucid. Going out to the beach and just swim and stuff.


    I should avoid visualization really hard until grc becomes second nature. Brain overloaded. Or avoid doing it too hard at sleep. Doing it hard earlier is ok.

    Did I mediate too much before sleep again? I'm reaching the deep state faster than before.

    Slept too early.

    Need to do more shadow work.

    MILD or intention about alrdy at goal worked better. Feel that feeling throughout day.

    Getting too stressed. Take it easy but practice consistently.

    Lucid every dream.

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