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    Icy explosion, magic black crystal, swallow, budda reinc, shaman black panther flying

    by , 10-01-2019 at 09:27 AM (85 Views)
    I was in the beat up dry apartment. There were wc pros there hanging out. Happy fly.

    I felt uninspired to dj for pre wbtb.
    Underground dungeon, melting ice

    I found myself in an underground dungeon and realized that the monsters that appeared there were influenced by scary games or movies that I've seen in the past. It was sort of a memory repository of scary stuff. I realized this and decided to blow it all up. Was I lucid? I forget. Blowup the underground dungeon of memories and jump through the ceilings to the surface.

    I was inside a inn now that was right above the dungeon. It appeared to be a fantasy like setting. But I began to worry perhaps my explosion would have repercussions to the land and environments. I was afraid maybe it'd cause a sleeper volcano to awaken and swallow the land. And thusly so the dream follows the command of my careless musings and quakes. I fear that the magma would melt the polar ice of this land and I fly towards the nearest water mass and the frozen water body begins to shatter into pieces and melt apart.


    Dark crystals, magical land, swallowing lucid
    I saw a land of magic with a soft rainbow magical glow to the land and the plants there. I conceptualized crystals that could contain medical energy and they appeared from the grounds. They were black crystals and began to absorb the colorfulness of its surroundings and contained it inside. The land slowly gained back its colors though. I was lucid now.

    I explored the land a bit until I countered someone. She was humanoid yet akin to a beast. But she was more than just mere beast, shapeshifting. I knew her. She was waiting for me, shan. And telepathically communicated that she longed for my return. I was curious. I wanted to know more. She wanted to show me. I wanted to see.

    I saw a dimension within her body that she created - it was another world. She obliged to fulfill my curiosity. She began to morph into a mushy liquid and swallow me whole. She began to cover my whole body. To show me her dimension.

    I awoke on the bed and I felt the swallowing continue until it surrounded my entire body and covered it like a thick fleshy suit.

    Mall shaolin
    I was inside a mall. It was a rather small mall with only one floor. There were a bunch of ppl studying the shaolin style whom I knew. I walked past them to ponder in my lonesome and began to get lucid. "why was I here?"

    The students there take me to train with them twice.

    This was the second time I dreamt about this area I think.

    One of the guys there I forget his name. One with short hair. He tells me to take steroids to become stronger. I say no. And he becomes injected with steroids. But it wasn't normal though and he transformed into a demon. I had to spar him and I told him something.

    #25, return of budda
    I was in the house #25. I forget if this dream or the next comes first. I was inside the house and with family. I was younger and somehow I had a sibling. I think a little sister. I look at one of the windows and this makes me lucid. I met up with my family there. I saw my parents and my little sister there looking out the large window/glass doors to backyard.

    The backyard was connected to some mountain and from the edges of it I began to see figures creep out from it. They were kind of monks and began to descend down and approached the house. They touched the window as if to make contact and my parents refrained from my sister from touching the window too much. I touched the window against their hand. I wanted to hear them out.

    I went out the door in the room to the right and they told me they sought the rebirth of buddha or something. They were convinced it was me. I decided to go along and followed the trail up the mountain.

    I ended up in a huge Monastery or temple and it was a sort of a mess there. They were facing an invasion by undead. It was mostly bone zombies. Bandageless mummies but a bit bonier. They wanted my help to purge them.

    I was told my needs would be taken care of and they'd feed me good food so I thought why not. I was then provided with a personal moon attendant to help me out with everything. They explained other stuff as they walked me through the place. Zombies from the front entrance. Then from a cave up high in the back. We needed to climb up the ladder that was maybe 6 stories high to take care of it while others defended the front.

    We got to the top and clashed against the zombies. There were 2 arrows left over on the ground and I threw it at 2 monks down at the back lines of the front forces. I remembered they were mean or something so I threw it at them. It actually struck them and arrows stuck out of their shoulders. The other monks down there got kind of mad and demanded to know, "who threw that?"

    My monk companion was a real bro so he said he did it and tried to take the blame. I kinda liked him now so I just told them I did it - that I was just trying to pass arrows to the fellas down there. And the other monks went "oh ok. "

    #25 feather shaman, black panther, sky
    I was near the house #25. I'd become lucid. I left the house to explore the surroundings and there was a billboard with something on it. It was a black panther or some large cat. It climbed out of the picture and walked by to the left. The place had a white and foggy feel to it.

    As I try to leave the general vicinity, I see a man in front of me; he appeared to be an Indian shaman wearing feathered headrests on his head. He points behind me as if telling me to head towards that direction. I turned around and walked in that direction. There were couple of groups of people each consisting of about 2-4 of them walking on the main road. Instead of cars they just traveled in foot. I proceeded to follow one group and the shaman showed up again. He points upward this time.

    I see a couple of teens to the left moving as a group and they begin to just go up into the air. I understood and I went up in the air also. Up, then forward. I felt the wind pressure against my face before I awake.


    I was lucid in one of the dreams and decided to feel omnilucid energy. Trying to visualize and materialize it.
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