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    Knights, supermarket

    by , 08-28-2019 at 05:23 AM (95 Views)
    At beginning of night I was having sniplets of Wilding into dream but awaking up upon realizing I was falling asleep each time. Just tried to keep my eyes open before falling asleep. Awoke once then had following dreams.

    Knights :

    I was in a game like setting where ppl had a kingdom and were fighting over territory. I was a queen for my kingdom like mini place. You had a set of resources and could hire Knights or upgrade weaponry or armory.

    I opted to upgrade to the extreme, believing that I was very clever. But I was immediately ambushed before I could do anything. A single very powerful warrior ambushed through the front gates and I wasn't sure if my forces could handle it. So I rushed to the front to help them. I realized he was too powerful so I ran behind a knight right beside me. Since their objective was to kill me I decided to run around while my forces would attack him. My knight got one hit before he was obliterated by the enemy strike. I kept running towards the castle then in circle. One and another kept going down until I was the last one. I braced myself for the end but a hero struck the mighty enemy before me, his sword piercing through his back and I lived for another day.

    I then saw the pov enemy territory that attacked me. He was pretty impressed that I survived.


    It was a very ordinary like dream setting. A drive to the supermarket with my parents and childhood friends in 2 cars. Inside there was a sale on candy (maybe it was chocolate). We were heading back to the car and ready to leave but I thought about my cellphone. I looked around for my cellphone until I belived it was in a crevice by the front seat and it was there. Drove あわy。

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