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    laid back dj

    by , 11-22-2020 at 01:30 AM (76 Views)
    Goals/Lucidity/self analysis
    Just gonna be a laid back DJ. I noticed plateau in terms of my awareness training. It's peaking at 33% and 20% for the 2 activities I've been practicing it on. It's still very good progress nonetheless. Hard exhaustion. I was so dead tired I didn't want to do anything. It's working though. It took me to the edge of my limit. But I need a break. I know I need to give my mind a break otherwise I'd be doing it a disservice and also it needs times to process and grow the new neural pathways to make this whole process more efficient. So I'll skip the awareness scoring thing for today.

    My goal is to rest up and if I'm 100% tomorrow again, I'll get right back on track. To get to 40% and 30% awareness on the activities I have been working on.

    I also had a day dream, a passing thought about writing a sort of a story. Since I'm just typing away large amounts of texts and I seem to be enjoying it, why not try writing a sort of a story? A fiction but it would contain bits of techniques that could be used to learn lucid dreaming. It may not be about lucid dreaming but it could be a fun way to expose myself to lucid dreaming. And I could also reshape bits of my dream and turn it into a plot. Reshaping dream objects in my mind, sort of like a dream control training Just an idea though.

    Breaking Bar

    I was inside a small bar. I'm recalling why I was there. I was trying to take over this bar in a way, sort of like a villian in this specific dream episode. I was one of the patrons there, or disguised as one. The bar was made of mostly wood, so it looked sort of like a wooden cabin but extremely large. Perhaps 10000-20000sq ft overall. On one side of the bar was a really nice pool as well. That reminds me, perhaps I've been in this bar before. It feels sort of familiar, it may be the one that I dreamt of before with the one with the dying monk and him transferring his energy to me before dying.

    But back to where I am, there were many patrons there and I was busy scheming of a way to make the patrons fight eachother so that I could take it over. I believe that this was influenced by a specific video game. I was curious so watched a brief youtube video of it, and it was basically this theme. A sort of a demon trying to take over a village, and he did so by using his magic to cause internal strife and also taking it over with sheer force is possible. So that's basically the theme of it or atleast of what I recall of the theme of the dream was based upon.

    I was a youth patron but I had trouble making anything happen. But I came across an old man, who looked like Mike from Breaking Bad. He was an old time customer or maybe he was the manager here. What I feel is that he aws like a manager or he kept the storage... he was responsible for the storage. I saw him walk under into the basement floor and check out what was left in the storehouse. I took over his body and now I was Mike in first person. I forget how but I fell on my nose and people around me were worried. I kept going with my plans and my memory is sort of foggy now.

    Recalling scribbles: quest, lactation/location, blood
    poison/prison research work/monk

    I was inside a mall and there were many TV screens hanged up in front of me. There was a tournament for a game. I did not feel like participating but one of the teams invited me to join them to fill their team. An and NT. There was soem time before it was going to start, about 30-50 minutes. So they left the room to browse around the mall. I followed them. As we were walking over the kiosks and checking out snacks, I think An comes onto me. He was just rubbing my butt and really reaching down there for some time. But he stopped after a bit.

    We checked out another store. I think it was like a sunglasses store? I had some glasses on and noticed that my vision was better without glasses on. There were about 3 pairs of glasses that I tried and stacked and things.

    So we headed back towards the tournament room but I think we were too late and it already started.

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