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    Learning from mistakes

    by , 04-14-2019 at 08:45 PM (89 Views)
    Short Ld and failed ap. Slept too late, I think that affected Ld alot. Was overwhelmingly tired in dreams, hard to get lucid. Will add detail to DJ if i want to expand dream mapping.

    Notes :
    Try to sleep earlier

    Avoid heavy mental activity before bed, made me tired inside dream (do it earlier)

    Focus on destination or thing when vibrations, relax though

    Lay still

    Keep it up, youre getting better. I know I did bad but still could get lucid.

    + I think glitchiness and tiredness may be connected. Trauma? Could be a good thing.

    Remember to touch wall or ground when weak.

    +remember to use "rewind" ability in lucid dreams.

    My thoughts maybe overwhelmed = tired. Thought about learning new things before bed.

    SC, donkey kong friend.

    Could just be memories from past that created this. Friend became the game character.

    Class room hanging out with ppl. We eat food and stuff. I need to go to bathroom. vegeta, fused with huge zombie guy, cut him apart. Vegs underling short Alien creates 2 blackhole for him. Talking about infinite worlds inside them. (I think I'm in veg pov towards the end)

    Could be incubated, tried using funny visualization along with mantra to make it easier to remember. Pretty long.

    School was structured like the one in Japan. Bathrooms at both ends of hallways.

    D3 lucid
    Starts out with clear but just visualization, micro wake about subway. Eventually finds a narrow blocked cemented entrance i crawl under and get a little stuck. MA.

    Find myself in a beat up house connected to subway. Figured an old guy lived here but they wanted to build subway here.

    Memory about subway.

    Memory /fear of getting stuck in narrow places.

    Are these 2 separate dreams?

    2d rpg like game ff series. Was in a town with chests. Gets into dark castle. Decide to save and load but get back to town. Chests unopened sad about losing save state. Game glitches. Faces a broken lady with every character max dmg to all.

    Maybe memory of losing save states.

    Glitch in the dream were scary before. This one not really. Maybe getting better.

    I rewound the dream because I felt like it. Did the dream get mad because of that?

    AP fail
    Wake kind of can see through eyelids. Maybe already outside body /FA. Get vibrations, focus was wrong. And just get strong vibrations. Felt good though.

    Should focus where I want to be or what I want to instead.
    Or maybe should have tried to touch wall or crawl during vision

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