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    Lil sister

    by , 11-16-2019 at 03:40 AM (102 Views)
    Dark lab
    Was in a very dark dim lab. Kind of aware, maybe even lucid. Scared though wanted out and wake.

    Stranded tropics

    Took a flight to tropical island. The place had some flood or something going on and the quaint little shack i was inside got flooded. I was stuck on the island and couldn't find a way to fly back.

    I dreamt about this island before.

    Was in a library perhaps school. Big. Tar was there. I fought him with sticks and he did too. After the second engagement I thought why am I fighting? I decided to settle our differences and give him a handshake. And then hugged. He gave a kiss on cheek.

    Secret club, lil sister
    Was in a school.very large,very. White themed. I met a nice girl there and we become friends. She told me to meet up with her after.

    I explore the area find myself in cafeteria like place to the right. I find a little sister. She was very cute. I piggybacked her across the school then back. Until I found the club around the middle of the school, kind of hidden, it was where the girl told me before to meet.

    We go in.some snacks and film projected on wall. Secret club. Secret knowledge? Kinda seemed brain washy subliminal. My sister commented on that.

    Driving bus,lil sister
    I was in a stolen bus. Driving it .. Losing control a few times didn't want to drive anymore. My little sister from last dream kindly took over and drives. Had a crew in the bus sitting in the back, kind of like a pirate crew we were. In the back row there were some durian fruit, unripe and sour, worst durian I tasted.

    My sister stops driving, we were near our apartment in middle of downtown. Where to leave the bus? She asked me. I asked her where she thought was good. She said bushes, so I said bushes sound good.

    People coming into bus thinking it's a regular bus.I'm packing clothes and it's taking a while to pack.

    Color puzzle
    In a class figuring out a color circle puzzle. I wasn't paying in attention in class but a nice girl helps me out.


    Mostly school areas. Perhaps same school. It's a new school though.

    meditated in short intervals. about 3x

    I like this little sister. love ya!

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