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    Magical Pizza and the Eyes of Drayad

    by , 09-10-2019 at 05:33 AM (139 Views)
    The cave game

    Initially I was playing with some childhood friends, Steven and Y. We were playing a video game on a TV, black and fat and square, smooth satin surface with nicely curved edges - an old fashioned TV. The video game was a custom made one, user created content if you will. It felt like w3, but it was a platformer/shooter side scroller. The game was inside a cave, progressing from left to right. I have a little hard time recalling what happend. Perhaps I was inside that video game towards the end. I was at the depths of the cave, falling from above. It was dimly lit and there was a dungeon boss there. She was a demon of some sort, attractive if I recall ccorrectly. Something happend in the midset of it all. Like a time or dimensional warp that led me out of there.

    Magical pizza, eyes of drayad, evil witches
    It all began inside a classroom once again. It was the Japanese school, in elementary again. The environment was sort of connected to the dream prior, perhaps warped here. We were playing around in the classroom but I had to do something according to the dream plot...

    I walked down the familiar hallways down to right, towards where the bathroom was. There was a gigantically massive pizza there; its diameter the size of a full grown adult. And more interestingly, the pizza had a strange green-ish glow that emanated from it - hinting at the potential powers welled within this big, bizzare foodstuff. BUT partaking it would mean death, for no mortal could withstand its magical radiation. I needed something before I could eat it. It was then that a magical being bestowed upon me her eyes. She had taken them out from her sockets and replaced my mortal eyes with hers, thereby giving me the power necessary for the magical pizza. I took a large slice of the pizza then began inspecting the girl who had given me the gift.

    She was turned away from me, towards the entrance of where the bathroom was suppose to be in the school hall. However there were no bathrooms there. Just a occultistic dark room dimly lit by some glowing redness that seeped out of the edges of the floor where it met the walls. Not deep red like blood, but orange-red. In between us was the table that held the pizza but I paid not much attention to it no longer.

    The skin on her back was colored likened the drought-ridden earth, whose dry desperate prayers of rain were met with naught but the blistering rays of the scorching sun - crackling yet still. They were dry, and a few small dark maroon triangular things that protruded from her back like a salamander... What are they called? I had an urge to speak to her so I did. She was bare. She was irritated however, and justly so, since she had given me her eyes from earlier. Her new slightly red and irritated eyes silently spoke the words,

    "I gave you my eyes, what more do you want from me?"

    She looked like Sabyn from highschool - perhaps she was there since her name begins similarly to Sabrina, the teenage witch cartoon. Witch => magical => this magical being - drayad/lizardlike. Her hair was dark brown wit ha hint of ombre that parted in the middle, raised slightly at the front. She had delicate and small features and was indeed beautiful. I had no interest in conversing with an irritated individual so I decided to leave her be and talk to her later. And so I walked back down the hallway previously.

    I had the intention of meeting with my friends once again to just hang out or play. I felt an urge to look behind me. Behind me were some students but in from of them were two old women. They had short white-silver hair in a longer bowl cut that ran down to the bottom of their jaw. They appeared old, however their skin was somewhat immaculate for their age with very few wrinkles. That was when I saw their eyes. THE EYES. The eyes that gazed soullessly towards me. Perhaps lucid dreamers know of that death-stare that's in the Inception movie. Those eyes. I was afraid. I took a few steps back, without breaking eye contact form them. The fear likely led to the following events. It did, however make me semi-lucid. I remembered that I could teleport. So I willed to teleport. My body began to shift into a transparent, other-dimensional membrane that was a connection point between different time/space. I'd be teleporting momentarily and out of here. Admittedly I was a little smug, thinking to myself,

    "Hehe, too bad. You can't catch me now~ huh?"

    As I headed towards the other end of the hallway. However the witches' appeared unwavered, still looking my way. The one witch to the right began to move towards me. She floated into the air at massive speeds and grabbed unto my body with both hands. She could somehow could my body in the apparent ethreal state! Suppose she was a witch after all. With haunting gaze she repeated:

    "Can't go back to this timeline. Can't go back to this timeline. Can't go back to this timeline."

    As she pushed me backwards with immense strength towards the dark swirling portal at the end of the other side of the hall. I entered the black hole and heard a scream of a lady "ahhhhh" coming from me so maybe it was me.

    Awoke and pretty shaken

    I have been having dreams about this elementary school repeatedly. Maybe this will be the last time. Although the witches were scary maybe they were helping me get over some issues from that time. Personally I'm not trying to end up there though.

    Ld advices from skipper. Great stuff.

    What is the message of the dream about elementary school? Maybe it's about being in the present instead of being in the past timeline. But I feel like maybe that was the time when I stopped being myself. As in I began to try to "fit in" instead of being myself. Trying to play pokemon to fit in with other kids.

    Be myself. But who am I? I am... Well I want to be omnilucid really. And I realized, I actually liked writing DJs; so I will do that and kill two birds with one stone.

    I meditated and I realized that I was free, FREE! and I loved to read. So I will read. I will read the most beautiful story in my lucid dreams. And maybe I could. You know, write it down for all to see. That is a worthy goal for me. So let me be omnilucid, oui.

    The main problem is that I lose awareness of my surroundings completely while being so immersed in it all. Is it something one could overcome with training? Or could these two activities be antagonistic upon one another? Only time will tell.

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