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    Nightmares diner inception FA

    by , 03-31-2019 at 08:53 PM (115 Views)
    I decided to nap. Will clarify if I... Everything felt real .

    Saw a pyramid moving in the air rotating. Gain awareness control movements and wake up.

    Find myself in an old house there's an old dude there with 3 laptops. I check them out. One has broken keyboard. One is new. He says watch out for your mom outside. It's a bad area. I go outside. I see bad kids going in the car I tell her to get out . She's held hostage. There's an afro kid but white skin with knife. Can't do much. Stabbed in neck to my left. I die. I feel my death.

    Black women singing in snow about how knowledge is important. I am laying on backyard lawn that's rising up 45 degrees from the house. I lay in thin layer of snow.. I think about knowledge is important but you need more than knowledge. Wake

    I am in a diner. The kind that's similar to one you see in pulp fiction at start. It's not a diner but a safe house. There are a bunch of people there. I go around and head out. There is a girl in black clothing she stands out. A girl in hoodie wants to be my friend. We walk towards her home and she wants to get my phone so we can play. Phone out info shared. Heading back i get into trouble. Girl with sword tells me to not leave diner. May have gotten into a dangerous situation here.

    Somehow ended up back in diner. I'm exploring and a bunch of guys are digging out the flooring. The inside of the floor has a basement filled with huge salami or spam. They want to remodel. I ask why not eat it?I leave the diner. I end up eating some of it.

    I see a girl who tells me to follow her. I do for a bit. She takes me to a place... Prostitution. I start walking away. Her hand grabs me and it tingles. I run away. I see a fat girl with a sword chasing me. I run harder. I grab long pieces of wood to deflect the attacks. Run deflect run. I find a door to the diner but it's not the safe part of it, it's empty.. The safe house is in the middle where the people were. I had into a door,it's not safe yet, no ones there. I see two more doors, large and small. I enter the small one because I think other one is locked. It's a janitor storage closet. There's a short knife there, with leather straps all pretty cool looking. I grab it. I saw legs of that girl trying to come from under the door and I stab them. I jump up the top of the door. Stab Stab stab. Run into the safe house.

    I wake up and I am in a dormitory, I find two kids with black hair there and talk about my nightmare. Not getting through kind of. Scared.. I think I wake up again I know I'm dreaming by now. I'm in a bedroom and I try to get up again. Still in a different bedroom. I hear sounds outside of this dream. I know that I can wake up, but do I want to wake up? Am I stuck in this dream? Do I want to keep exploring? I wake up and still am dreaming. I felt some urge to pee. Should I continue?

    I gravity rc. Still there but maybe could tell something was off. I tell myself "is gravity normal? Otherwise wake up." snap fingers and slowly

    I wake up

    These dreams.... I ran away from home. That person. That person made me do dirty things. That person used me for money. That person said "love u". .. I was a fool. Said would kill me, called the cops. Got myself out.

    Can I be clean?do I deserve love?

    I accept myself then, for being a fool. I am ready .Next time I'll succeed. Next time I'll be aware. I'll move through the pain. Next time I'll be like a tornado, unstoppable.

    Thank you my inner self, for trying to protect me. You were that girl in black probably.

    Maybe it was all of you, you made me lucid didn't you? Thank you.

    The light huh... Shining upon my darkness.

    I'll keep going though. I'm tired of giving up.

    My goal is set, it only hurts momentarily. If I must face it for lucidity and better me then so be it.

    Thank you

    Always lucid dreams

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