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    Notes on wandering around and failing

    by , 12-03-2019 at 10:40 AM (82 Views)
    Got lucid two nights past week. Maybe ~14. Most dreams were very uninteresting. I experimented with different dj style to see how recall would be affected.

    I found that a strong intent was more crucial than a very detailed dj for immediate recall. However a finely detailed dj in itself is a good way to explore thoughts and catch things you've missed. Perhaps it serves as a good visualization process as you recall it.

    Strong intent "I'll definitely remember the dream"

    Failed though.

    I needed to fail. Needed to fail to get better. Because sometimes the answer is right under your nose but you just want to get somewhere instead of smelling the roses right below you.

    I guess I understand it better now that I failed some more.

    Its like making a cake. You have to know the ingredients, mix it in the right amounts then bake it.

    The rest is just practice probably. Practice until it's natural. If you can make the practice fun, even better.

    The question is am I ready to bake that cake or do I feel like experimenting and failing a couple of times just to satisfy my ego? Do I even like cake?

    I probably tried every technique now. And probably am following the footsteps of the wise one before me. Probably coming to the same conclusions.

    Some things I don't really understand fully but I do kind of get it.

    Maybe I'll try to compile my thoughts once I can fully comprehend everything. Maybe that'll help people who want to ld a bit.

    Well the simple answer I've found is that you do master this stuff eventually one way or another if you keep at it. Only difference is how long it takes.

    Gotta burn the ships if you want to get better faster I guess. Like apply yourself fully without a drop of doubt.

    Gotta notice things more. And to notice things more you gotta be in the present. Keep the goal in mind though otherwise you don't know your destination. Reflect on your mistakes sometimes so you can get better, but back to the present. Because you'll stop noticing if you keep wandering around.

    Just relax and enjoy

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