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    Pilot cabin radio

    by , 11-05-2019 at 04:47 AM (268 Views)
    Was lucid for half a second or couple of seconds.

    I was in a pilot cabin or the ground radio base with radio communications buttons all over the wall. I pressed one and a person asked something ...over

    I said made a mistake ...over...

    They didn't hang up, I got worried. Tried to talk again. stepped back and thought why am I here. Lucid I guess for a few moments and wake.


    Only remember that dream yesterday. Technically lucid in every dream!

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    1. HumbleDreamer's Avatar
      Umm, I guess I'm not the only one who had a dream last night about Flying/Aviation & Aeronautics. I had a lucid about flying something that I got for my birthday, in the dream.
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    2. ZenLD's Avatar
      heya lang, you flew a jet? That sound awesome! :0
    3. HumbleDreamer's Avatar
      It was a jetpack in this dream but, yes I have flown a jet before in my dreams before. In real life, however, I flew a STOL aircraft when I was about 19.