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    by , 04-22-2019 at 02:40 AM (87 Views)
    I decided to go polyphasic. I'm keeping up my practices with all due diligence.

    My sleep was naturally leaning towards polyphasic lately and the harder I tried to resist the more it swayed apart. I had signs? To go polyphasic.

    Only had 1-2 dream due to reduced sleep time. Rem should come faster and sleep should become better, with more lucidity.

    First sleep i had was around 11-1? Had a tiny dream. Second sleep I tried to take a 90 min nap, however was awake. Or perhaps aware but body asleep in sws. I meditated before that nap and i did feel rested after 70 minutes. Just was conscious 99% of time. Likely lucid if it was rem. Second nap Das 20 min, did not sleep. But by the third one 20mim I did some hard work and I was exhausted. Slept quite well, however perhaps could have slept more.

    If the polyphasic succeeds that's cool. And even if i fail it'll correct the sleep pattern like before.

    I was on a computer. It was an all in one sort of pc. Google was collecting personal data from everyone and this time it wasn't anonymous data. You had to opt out of it manually. I was doing that and after I finished, the computer was really hard to use. The background was in black while the font was in tiny dark blue. Neigh impossible to read.

    +perhaps dream related to a random YouTube video I watched regarding history of hacking Nintendo console etc
    End dream

    I need a new productive or inspiring (also fun ) hobby with the extra time. I recall last time I gave up on uberman because I had too much time. I will sleep more than uberman this time though. Well it'll all work out. I'll do what's best for me.

    I'm awake in my dreams.

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