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    protect lil 4, nice drill sgt, off/str/class DJin, tunnel orbs

    by , 09-19-2019 at 03:02 AM (87 Views)
    Haunted Puzzle
    I was at home. Or, it kind of looked like home at least but I was inside an unknown bedroom. There were debris all over the place and I wasn't really sure where I was. I am still looking around the debris when Greg and a friend of his shows up, maybe she's his girlfriend. We are exploring as we are trapped inside a large room. It has some weird pictures on the wall and some numbers on the floor. It was like a puzzle and we had to solve it before we could get out of here. I told Greg to look at the eyes on the wall, there were some drawings of some humanoid creates on the walls and I thought that the number of eyes on the walls could have been correlated to the respective numbers written on the floor. We begin to inspect the numbers on the ground. As we are solving the puzzle there's some kind of ghastly presence in the room.


    Protecting my friends – lil 4 / nice drill sergeant
    I was walking home. It was the road I took in BC. However it could have been similar area wise to the road intersected by the train at the University. I was walking back home past a construction site. It was a sort of a shortcut to the way back home. However there was a chance the construction workers would stop us so I took a tiny road to the left. It was a semi underground narrow passage used by the workers to get through.

    *This place reminded me of somewhere though. I have vague memory of it

    As I was going through the passage and up the final ladder, I was greeted by a young man. He had pretty big eyes that were sparkling with passion. He was apparently a drill sergeant and began to train me on how to sue the knife, how to sharpen it and stuff like that. I took a few minutes learning stuff from him. While learning these ideas, his pet cat began to attack and strike me, as if you train my reflexes all the while I learned things. It was somewhat entertaining. He also asked for my ID to check or look me up. He commented on “oh that's a huge place you live in!”

    After I had passed the initiation he let me through. I went up the hole that went up above ground and he came along with me. I was pretty impressed by his creative training regime and complemented him regarding it. He became attached to me somewhat and decided to follow me home. Ok. So now we are walking home together. He was walking up to random apartments and houses nearby and asked if I lived there. I just said no. He kept doing this for every house we passed and it was irritating yet humorous at the same time. There were also some police officers nearby and they thought he could have been a robber to check on him. But as soon as they approached him they just realized he was just a goofy airhear but an overall nice guy so they let him be.

    The problem is. I was lost. I had no idea where I was going. I think my house was to the North. Then to the right side lol. I found some classmates that were from high school nearby and asked him if I could borrow his phone or something to look up the map. It was Eric and his friend W. He was pretty reluctant to help and wanted nothing to do with me. And as if to prove his need for dissociation of me, he began to attack us. I was defending my new friend right here as Eric began to call over a few more. There were 5 of them now against the 2 of us. I didn't want to resort to violence but I was starting to feel pretty distraught. But right then as if reacting to my emotions help shows up!

    They were a group of 4, maybe 5. They were kid versions of my most trusted attendants, shiten-ou – the Four Heavenly Kings serving under the Demon King, and came immediately upon sensing my uneasiness. Well now we know why Eric was so hostile. They wanted to help me and join in the fight. Now though, I couldn't risk my most beloved companions to get hurt so I defeated Eric and the justice-boners in one move. They were blown out of sight.

    So now we're all just walking together now towards the way back home. It was a pretty calm and overall happy time now. But I began to get sleepy and begin to fall asleep in the dream, only half aware of my surroundings. They were now eating something, while I sat in the carriage and sleeping. The girl to my right began to stuff the food in my mouth, wanting to feed me with all the good intentions in the world. However I was fast asleep and she kept stuffing the food down my throat. It was takoyaki. But not just any takoyaki. It had the most fluffy outer-dough part. Instesad of having the texture a a pancake, it had the texture of a Japanese cheesecake, but not sweet. Very fluffy. Even so, with so many shoved into my throat, I was beginning to choke.

    I awake, still choking

    Browsing the web
    I was browsing web on the web. There were 3 of us on the bed. I was so into whatever I was borwsing that I didn't notice the other two initially – I was looking up game reviews for VR stuff. The girl on the bed wanted something from me. I forget what.

    Brain enhancing
    I was in the house #34. I was laying on the bed where the computer was supposd to at during the time. I was taking brain enhancing substances which were in the legal grey area. Legal but perhaps experimental. My dad wanted none of it and confiscated some of them.

    Lucid Meditation/store/office
    I was in a store or an office. I was looking around for a moment and become lucid. However the dream starts to show that familiar destabilizing thing to my vision. I realize that the dream may be over soon and recalled that I wanted to meditate. I sit down quickly and decide to meditate until the end of the dream.

    Lucid meditation on sidewalk

    I was somewhere near the last dream. I think it looked kind of like a store. I head outside to try to find a better spot to meditate and end up on the sidewalk. I began to meditate on the sidewalk with my shoes still on as I crossed my legs. Meditation!

    Drifting in between wake-sleep for a while.

    Lucid Tunnel to Warring Era

    I was near the previous dream still, but I was riding a car. I was headed towards right, then down. Before entering into a tunnel. The tunnel became dark for a couple of minutes as I looked around. The scenery changed into an older time period. It was an warring era and people were fighting with weapons. I was lucid though, and things felt like under my control. There was some strange humanoid creature to the left. I grabbed ahold of his weapon which were a mace and a hatchet if I recall correctly. It wanted me to use it to train my fighting skills so I proceeded to train with it. As I am striking it with the axe/hatched thing, he began to grow a new weapon from his arm – a new axe/hatchet. He continues to train me in combat.

    Office (maybe lucid/half lucid)

    I was in the office, with a cubicle I think. Some co-workers were asking me if I wanted to head out together next time, I thought why not, as I kept writing down my DJ.

    Office, Lucid
    I was back in the office and I recalled the arrangements to meet the DC from the last dream to hang out, but I just decided to meditate on the spot.

    Office ->Stuck jungle gym
    I was again back in the office. But I headed down and found a jungle gym. I got trapped in it somehow but eventually got out of it. Someone that looked like my friend M, came over and she also got stuck. She tried her best to stretch her neck out but she was stuck. I noticed her black luseraous hair in a pony tail along with the size of her shoulders. She was smaller than me, yet she was still stuck. I called people over to help.

    Class lecture, DJ/ supportive lady/teacher
    I was in a class. I was recalling the last dream and was trying very hard to DJ the previous dreams. There was a lecture going on with an old skinny man as the lecturer. There were a few students sitting to my right side of the table with another teacher to the left. She had kind eyes and wore glasses. She had black hair and if I was to say objectively she was beautiful, yes very, from my momentary glance away from my DJ. But I was immersed in my DJ and she was looking over to see what I was so passionately doing. She began to read my DJ but I didn't care, I was busy DJ-ing and I had no time to care about her. My passion for my DJ appeared to impress her and she let me do what I wanted; as if to say that my fiery passion had set ablaze something within her as well. After a while I was running out of materials to write on and she kindly gave me something to write on. I turned around backwards from the lecturer since it was distracting me and I kept writing my DJ. She kept looking though lol. Very supportive, I like her.

    (Felt like changed scene somewhere in the end and went somewhere else)

    Tunnel, Orbs
    I FA into driving down the same tunnel previously. I am looking around and begin to see dimly growing white orbs in the dark tunnel. There were a lot of those orbs and they were hinting at me that they were spirits. It was very cool.


    The dreams from the first LD to the end had many awakenings in between. However I suspect that perhaps many of them, maybe 50% were false awakenings. I probably could have taken advantage of it using an AP style exit technique as a RC.

    Dreams merging together.

    I think that my expectation of ld being short is causing the shortness of it rather than my emotions. That's what I realized. I can change that belief now.
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