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    Pumpkin Forest

    by , 09-21-2019 at 03:50 AM (69 Views)
    I was entering a business competition with a girl who was my business partner. I asked her to follow my instructions and we were starting upon opposite sides of the business competition area. My plan was to make us look weak until we could strike in one swift blow.

    I entered a clothing outlet later and saw a flamboyant guy picking out clothes. I pick out and try some clothes. I am getting dream flashback memories of the lady who started this business. She began with the passion to provide stylish, quality and affordable clothes for all. Direct from factory. After long years of toil she succeeded and this store was huge and success. These clothes were indeed made very strongly and very stylish and cheap too.

    *this store reminded me of a store I went to a long time ago… but where? Maybe a book/clothing store in Japan? I recall there was a store nearby that sold toys. I only visited this place once though, that I'm certain. Perhaps a visit to China. A clothing store, a toy store with a toy truck was nearby on the intersection?


    I'd lost Dota underlord, where I was guaranteed to win. Something was off but I thought it was just an internet problem. Could have got lucid. Was in an apartment. Looked self in mirror. Really beautiful person there though, like maybe physically impossible. I was mesmerized for a bit as I touched and inspected it. Then I realized really needed to pee badly after a while.

    Woke and I'm starting to honestly leak but was safe and got to the bathroom.

    I also remember at the beginning of the dream I bought a new computer.

    Young mage prodigy
    Final fantasy 6 like world. I visited a small village, reminded me of the where you met the little girl painter and old man blue mage. I am here to recruit a little girl who has much potential as a mage. I see humanoid creature camp. Troll like demon but looks mostly human except for purple skin and pointed ears. Their chief dies. They ask me to help deliver their chiefs wand to the girl.


    Teaching me to LD
    I was in a school like environment. Bright version of high school. Two girls were teaching me to LD stuff, back to back. One was teaching me how to LD. The other was teaching me how to manifest stuff. Oddly I did not get lucid. I showed up for another lesson and she was very delighted.


    I am in a school, maybe different one or same. I am watching a young man who has gained some power to slow time and pass walls a little. His nickname was DJ. I watched his interaction with his friends in class, hiding his powers. He was planning something. There was a girl there who stood out, more on that later.

    DJ went to a bank or a government building to steal something. His powers weren't prefect and a guard followed him out of the building. He saw his friends nearby as he was getting away and I was among them. DJ ran, at 4 times the human speed away into the tunnel pass. The guard from earlier had 4ppl or total with him, running past us and after him.

    I was talking to DJs friends, one of the short girl commented on Tiny's new girlfriend, also called DJ, she called her a sasquatch, since she was so tall. Tiny was a very large bulky guy, oh the irony of his name. He was worried about DJ(guy) like a good friend;as he noticed something was up with his friend lately and wanted to help him. But he knew he couldn't catch up to DJ when DJ ran so fast. That's when I decided to help Tiny.

    I told him I'd help by giving him some powers to help him out and patted his back. I sent him some energy and was unsure if it worked. But Tiny believed in me and immediately ran. Man, was he fast. Tiny ran so quickly there were some after images trailing behind him, and he'd catch up in no time.

    Wake, somehow the names DJ didn't make me lucid, dream was trying to help me I think.

    LD Pumpkin Forest

    I wake and thought I failed LD. It was very dark inside though which made me question if I was actually dreaming. I open the windows and the ground is moving, or the house. Lucid. I am in a forest. Had doubts about going through window so I went to the door.i was beginning to get nervous so I eased my feelings. Beside the bedroom door was a patch of painted wall, of a forest at night. It had a faint glow, andwas moving: beautiful dark blue skies with sparkling stars, dark trees and orange ground. I thought I could go inside. Parts of my body went in but my legs had trouble getting in as some parts of the painting was solid.

    I was now in a forest and the trees were like the ones I saw out the window but the ground was orange. I decided to move, and I walked on all 4s. The ground was very soft and mushy, felt like cooked pumpkin. It was comfortable and I savored this new sensations as I proceeded forward. I let the forest touch me to erase my scent from animals, touched some dirt, some plants.

    I kept moving through the Grove and found a patch of bright orange pumpkins. They were cracked open and looked tasty. I grabbed a piece and it felt cooked. I tasted it and it was creamy, a little grainy but sweet and tasty. I wondered if the orange ground was also pumpkin. I tasted it and it was sweet likewise. I saw some birds on the Pumpkin patch, some small owls and crows, they were making bird noise. I felt like it was a warning call of a predator. I approached them and they fly away.

    Wake, seeing slight bit of large spider after image, perhaps the predator.

    LD squirrels

    I awake and thought maybe I slept too long, it was dark outside. This made me question reality. I rolled out of bed by the left and looked out the window, looked normal. clicked the lights. It didn't work. More doubts. I had towards the bathroom and something squeals by my feet, I thought it was a mouse! It was small. There was another squee and it was a larger one on the wall, I realized it was a squirrel. I thought about how could I possibly get them out of the house. I reached for the lights and the previously malfunctioning lights turned on. This made me certain that I was dreaming. Thinking about squirrels.



    I think I did very good. Slept less than usual but got lucid. And I felt some doubts but did shadow work couple of times when I woke and felt doubtful. Nevertheless the dream and dcs were trying to help me get lucid though, in the previous dreams so I can't take all the credit. Perhaps semi lucid.

    I think I could have certainly got lucid in them but I had very strong doubts in my heart. Once I did feel more clear I did get lucid. I believe I'll get more lucid more often now since i have more results to help me believe in myself.
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