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    by , 12-18-2019 at 04:05 AM (82 Views)
    First time I had a real cold in a real long time. Haven't slept that much lately but dreams have been more vivid and long. Earlier in the past week was mostly short dreams. Had some shallow lucids I think that lacked touch and vividness, and missed a a few opportunities to get some DEILDs. I noticed that I had that feeling that I could do a DEILD but instead tried to DJ a relatively uninteresting dream. I'll follow my instincts next time.

    sacrifice- Korean and russian mobs
    Slept for a little longer than 90 min for this dream. I guess it's sort of a nightmare?

    I had a dream about a trio or actually a quartet of guys. My consciousness and pov switched from one to another as the story progressed. The 4 of us committed some sort of crime, or stolen something? I can't really recall what we did. I recall us being near the center of M city or somewhere around there near a catholic school. From my memory I think it was something related to driving that made the police come after us. We were driving away from them on the first road north of that school previously mentioned. Drove towards west, west was to my right at the time. We drove for a while. Maybe like 30 minutes. Ended up somewhere related to korea. I think 3 of them that weren't the character that I was in the perspective of were korean.

    It appeared to be a mall full of korean stuff. My pov switched to the group. We explored the korean mall and wanted to get sushi. Yes I know, it's not a korean thing but it had a sushi stand, sort of like a ramen stand in Japan. I was pretty stoked about the sushi. I remember we were heading a direction that was left and up. IF I was to maintain the same cartography from previous scene, the that would be South west. Maybe it was more south than west. The mall had a modern feel to it, well aren't all malls modern in a way? It was one of those minimalistic malls, with small stores - I don't recall seeing any large chains like w-mart or anything like that. Found the police to the south. I think 2 of them chased after us. One was a detective and another was an officer working under him. We ran back towards where we came from. Took a left, and went inside that restaurant. I'm not sure what they were serving, but this one felt like a ramen shop, not a stand though. 3 of us sat there casually, trying to not stand out and one of our mates from the previous scene shows up. Apparently he wasn't in as much trouble as us and decided to help us out.

    My POV switches to the 4th guy. He had short hair, didn't seem asian unlike the rest of the group, he had a short beard, black hair. Decided to grab the attention of the police by calling them out. Diverting the attend away from the 3 that were running away. Was then escorted and captured. Dragged me to the left, about a dozen of them escorting me. So that's like east side of the mall. After walking a bit they drugged me or something. What they did was put some headphones or earmuffs and completely made me unable to hear my surroundings. They played some sort of question that was the only thing I could hear and asked me some nonsensical question; asking me yes or no. I then recalled that I had a similar experience earlier in the dream where the same thing happened, probably forgot the earliest part of the dream for now.

    They were kind of evil. Pretty evil. Quite evil. They asked me an innocent question, made it the only thing I could hear. But this time I had an extra-sense hearing outside of the headphones and as they played the recorded question, they were asking if I had commited the crime while playing that record. Basically trying to get me to say yes to a crime I didn't commit while I'd be oblivious of the question outside of the noise-cancelling headphones. Realized this, and stopped answering the questions. They were pretty irrited by this and gave me some deathstares. I mean it w as going to be their promotion or something if they could catch the one behind all this.

    Scene changes. I feel like it Russia now. Back to the POV of trio before. 2 houses. Older houses, somewhat large and there was a sort of party or rave going on. Police come raiding like before. My POV changes again. I see an older man, he looked sort of like george from seinfeld. They were here to capture him for all his misdeeds. Although some stuff happend earlier in this scene... I recall him exploring both of the houses. First the one to the right, then to the left. He was looking for his daughter. Found her in the second house, near the half-stairs of the bungalow building as he found his daughter. He knew his time was up. He said "good-bye" and "I love you" to his daughter... I guess I was in the POV of his daughter now. This made me cry.

    I woke up crying pretty hard

    This dream shared the same landscape as some other dreams. Meanwhile I think the 3 korean characters played their parts in another dream. In the other one I believed they entered the underground part of that mall, and gambled in the hidden casino underneath. One of the guys was secretly super rich after inheriting stuff and they moved to a large place near the country side.

    The noise cancelling part was... how do you describe it? It was similar to when you'd first start AP or OBE, or WILD kind of feeling. The vibration feeling or something similar. Like when you'd leave your body kind of feeling. Maybe that's why I'd heard something outside of the headphones because I'd separated from my body in the dream.

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